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Here's mine:


1. Indianapolis Colts- Young talented team

2. Houston Texans- I like O'Brien and think he'll turn things around quickly. Fitz isn't the best QB but he'll be serviceable in this offense. The Texans are in the perfect division to have a turnaround season.

3. Tennessee Titans- Only because Jax is terrible

4. Jacksonville- Bad uniforms, bad team, bad everything.




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1. Colts -- Luck is good enough to carry this team to the division title despite not having a tremendous amount of talent around him. Of course, that's in part due to how awful the rest of the division is...


2. Texans -- Somebody's got to finish second. Last year's team was jinxed and sometimes when that ball gets rolling the wrong way, it just keeps going. The Texans aren't great, but they're better than the other two choices...


3. Titans -- There's not much to like here, but they're great compared to...


4. Jaguars -- Wow. The team that shouldn't even exist, located in an oversized I-95 Rest Area, will be the clear favorites to be picking first in next year's draft. Gus Bradley is actually a decent coach, but this team is *so* much worse than any other in the NFL it's not even funny.

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1. Indianapolis - Luck and Co. are likely the best in the division but I don't think they are a runaway favorite. There are some unanswered questions like, will Trent Richardson be worth a crap, can Indy suffer the loss of Vick Ballard (see Trent Richardson), can Reggie Wayne come back better than ever at 55 years old (he's really 35 but has he been around like forever?)


2. Houston - If you listen to The Drive on ESPN radio in the afternoons the guys on that show talk smack about the Texans and make the team sound like the worst thing this side of Jacksonville. I don't believe it for a second. I think there is a lot of quality talent on this team and from all accounts new head coach Bill O'Brien knows what the heck he's doing. People aren't giving Ryan Fitzpatrick any love either but I saw what he could do in Buffalo before injuries robbed him of most of his weapons. The defense is going to be light years better as long as injuries don't rob Romeo Crennel of all his talent. I honestly believe Houston has a real chance to challenge Indy for the division.


3. Tennessee - New head coach Ken Whisenhunt will make the Titans better. Jake Locker was having a decent season last year before injuries derailed him. The Titans have some talent although not a lot of depth but they should be better than the 2013 version of the Titans. I just never thought much of Mike Munchak as a head coach.


4. Jacksonville - This is head coach Gus Bradley's second season. He got totally hosed by what a bust Justin Blackmon was and he is trying to build from the ground up. Blake Bortles has a lot of potential and Bortles teammate at UCF Storm Johnson should be a nice compliment to free agent signee Toby Gerhart. The Jags are thin at WR but they should win 3-4 games this year. And no, Jacksonville is not so bad Alabama could beat them on any given Sunday. Bama is a college team and like it or not a bad NFL team is still better than a good college team.


Maybe the weakest division in the NFL top to bottom. If Indy didn't have Andrew Luck Houston would be the favorites to win the division. Of course if "ifs" were fifths we'd all be drunk by noon.

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HOUSTON- Worst to First. They will win the division and lose in the first round of the playoffs to Cincinnatti


Colts - They will take a step back. Luck is good of course but he's no Johnny Manziel


Titans - Could surprise


Jags. LOL

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1. Colts

They wouldn't win any other division. If Luck goes down they're a 4-12 team.


2. Texans

They looked a little rough when I was there. A lot of new stuff bring installed. Fitz looks better than Schaub. Stronger arm. Last year this team was picked to contend for a Super Bowl then the bottom fell out with injuries and Schaub meltdown. All of a sudden people think this is a horrible team despite having almost the same team they had going into last year as contenders.


3. Jaguars

Laugh if you will but I think Jacksonville is getting better


3. Titans

Tennessee is always a crapshoot. The epitome of a 7-9, 8-8 team. I think they'll be tied with Jacksonville in the end.

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Hey Cowboy fan, I'm looking at you Mbooyazz. I see you're also an Aggy. Fits perfectly guy. Hey chief, how about taking a look in the mirror. THe Cowboys are prepped to finish 6-10. How's that for Junior High? Don't they scrimmage the Groves BRaves this week? Or is it CO Willson Bullpups. Burn, guy. Burn.
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Football in Texas is just embarrassing.


Indianapolis will win this division with their eyes closed.


Titans most likely finish second with a terrible record


Texans may be able to finish ahead of the Jags due to a very soft schedule


Jax- They're getting better pieces and Bortles could be really good in a couple of years. Will they be in L.A. by then?

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