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Here's mine:


1. Seattle- Fun rivalry with the 49ers continues

2. San Francisco- I originally had them at the top but losing Aldon Smith will hurt and the Harbaugh contract situation could become a distraction.

3. Arizona- Good team but can they squeeze another decent year from Carson Palmer?

4. St Louis- Coin flipper with Arizona. I expect the Rams to be very competitive but playing in the best division in football places them here.



I feel this will be the most competitive division in the NFL with all four teams competing for playoff spots. The 49ers vs Seahawks will be must see TV again this season!

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1. Seattle -- Proved their quality last year, and are capable of repeating in the toughest division in the NFL.


2. San Francisco -- Close to making the Super Bowl last year (and, of course, close to winning it the year before), they still have a lot of talent. But injuries at RB and on the defense will take their toll.


3. Arizona -- A good team stuck in this division--they'd be second-best in the AFC East, AFC South, NFC East, or NFC South. But they're here, so... well... tough luck.


4. St. Louis -- The last year of Sam Bradford's big contract (the last of the high-dollar #1 draft picks) won't show him to be any better than he's been so far. But there's a bunch of talent on this team thanks to the RGIII draft pick haul and the poorer-than-the-team-really-is record that comes with being in this division. They'd be respectable in just about every other division, but will be 5-11 against this bunch. If they get an impact QB next year, things could get *really* interesting in the NFC West. As if they aren't already...

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1. San Francisco - It's hard to pick the Niners because of hits they have already taken to their roster. Two backup RB's and a standout defensive lineman are lost for all or part of the coming season. I still can't believe the government didn't throw the book at Aldon Smith for the trouble he caused at the airport. As it stands, Smith is looking at a 6 to 8 game suspension. Okay. But, the Niners have a lot of quality players. That and..................

2. Seattle - .............it's hard as heck to repeat. The Seahawks lost some big pieces to free agency this off season. One of their top two cornerbacks Brandon Browner who missed games in 2013 has been serving an indefinite suspension for substance abuse. Walter Thurmond was also suspended for a few games. The 'Hawks lost their No 1 receiver Golden Tate to Detroit and blah, blah, blah. The fact is Seattle will be good but I don't think they can repeat as Super Bowl champs or as division champs.

3. St Louis - The Rams did something two years ago when they weren't nearly as good as they are now--they with 5-0-1 in the toughest division in football. It's entirely possible they could win the division. They have the offense and defense to be legit contenders. The No 3 rank is just a number because I really believe this division will be a dog fight.

4. Arizona - Good team, nice weapons but I think Carson Palmer is the weak link in this team.

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