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2014 fall camp - receivers


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Depth. For every team, in every sport, at every position around the world coaches try to build depth. When a starter comes out of a game, for whatever reason, coaches want there to be little, to no, drop off in production. In 2013 Lamar's stable of receivers appeared to be the absolute definition of the word depth.


The Cardinals return skilled veterans like Jordan Edwards, Kevin Johnson and Payden McVey, had some talented young guys looking to make a name of their own like Reggie Begelton and Michael Handy, and added FBS transfer Mark Roberts. Lamar was so deep at the position they could afford to move the reigning conference newcomer of the year, Johnson, over to the defensive side of the ball.



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Why would anyone move their best player from his natural position to play on the other side of the ball???? I think that gamble luckily will pay off because that defense obviously needed the help with so much experience graduating and the wide receivers are deep and talented but if, wait, no when some of those WR's decide to take a few games off because they get a carpet burn they'll miss KJ. Johnson missed practice last week with headaches but that kid brings it every week. At least he was willing to make the move no matter how crazy the request was.
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