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KFDM Sports got an exclusive tour of Lamar Football's new replay system


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I'm sure the replay system at the Houston Baptist high school football stadium will be state of the art?!?! I say save the money and time and allow for human error. All the replay system does is delay the games from the NFL down. Spend the money on promoting the best conference in the FCS top to bottom and quit worrying about insignificant crap.
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Have yall checked what HBU's tuition is?? They have the money. You guys dont like the instant replay?? I remember last year at Northwestern the refs stunk to high heaven. Unfortunately we stunk nearly as bad, but if a few of those bad calls were made propertly it may have turned the momentum. I am all for the Southland having Instant Replay. I dont mind waiting 5 minutes for a good call.
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