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Who Has the Better Record in 2014 - Dallas or Houston?

eagle eye

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Houston is coming off a 2-14 season but they seem to have reloaded their defense in this year's draft. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the new starting QB for an offense that looks like it has some nice weapons. Pundits are saying that Houston will go 7-9 at best. I think they more talent than they are given credit for.


Dallas had a top 5 offense in 2013 and the 32nd ranked defense to go with it. Dallas has tried via free agency, the draft and undrafted free agents to try to bolster that defense. There are signs that Dallas will have a decent, maybe not good, defense. Even a little bit of defense can translate to another win or two for the previously 8-8 Cowboys. By previously I mean for the past 3 seasons. Can even a modest improvement help Dallas over that 8-8 hump? Pundits say no way Jose and forecasts for this season have been as low as 6-10 because of that troublesome D and a brutal schedule.


I honestly think that Houston will end up liking Ryan Fitzpatrick and the defense isn't going to give up a ton of points. My prediction is Houston will go 10-6 and challenge Indianapolis for the AFC South Division.


I think Dallas is better than they've shown in preseason as they try to piece together a defense despite the loss of Sean Lee for the season and DeMarcus Lawrence for up to half the season. Health will be the key for this defense who has been betrayed by injuries the past two years. I believe Dallas will get over the .500 hump and go 9-7.


So, to answer the question of this thread I suppose I'm saying Houston will be better than Dallas in 2014. What do you say BRI'ers?

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