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NFL Week 1 Thread


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Early game surprise is Jacksonville handing it to Philly early


Jadeveon Clowney going out early with a knee injury


Cleveland laying an egg early vs Pittsburgh but making a comeback


St. Louis starting QB Shaun Hill getting yanked but they say he has a leg injury


Oakland hanging with the Jets when they normally play like crap on East coast


Baltimore sucking vs Cincy and Nugent hitting 5 FG's in the opening half


Jake Locker starting out strong and the Titans are all over the Chiefs in KC

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The biggest surprises could have been losses by Philly to Jacksonville but they came back after being down 17 win going away and Tennessee's win over KC.


Cam doesn't play but Derek Anderson (yes he's still in the league!) led the Panthers to a smash mouth win over the Bucs.


The Steelers damn near blew a big lead and had the Browns come back and beat them. Maybe Brian Hoyer isn't so bad after all.


That sound you heard to the north of here was the can of whoop-ass Minnesota opened on the Rams. Mike Zimmer and Norv turner have something going it looks like along with a new running back---WR Corderelle Patterson. He ran 3 times for 102 yards and a Td in a 34-6 crushing of the Rams. Shaun Hill gave way to 2nd year deer in the headlights QB Austin Davis who had no clue how to help his team win.


Maybe the biggest shock of this opening Sunday was the Dolphins 33-20 win over the Patriots. Brady is human and Miami ain't bad. I wish I had played Knowshon Moreno in fantasy today because I think he had the best day of any RB in the NFL with 134 yards and a TD in his South Beach debut.

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