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How would you sell a recruit to Lamar?


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If you're a coach and you want your recruit to come to our University, what do you tell them? What would you use to sell to the kids? How would you stop them from going to Sam or SFA or McNeese?

Do you have any vision that you could get a bigger recruit? Could you talk a big time athlete into choosing Lamar over one of the bigger schools?

What is Lamar's best selling point in your opinion?


In my opinion, we aren't getting the best. Would you prefer we just go with transfers and JUCO?

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As Redpecker said, the Facilities are the "best" facilities in the Southland. So, I sell Lamar this way:


1. Best facilities in the conference

2. We were a start up team just 4 years ago. We are now able to compete with the best that the Southland has to offer (Case in point.. Last year)

3. Check out HBU. They lost to a D2 school on Saturday. Lamar has never lost to a D2 school. We are proud of what we have accomplished in 4 years and we are on our way UP!!! Come be apart of something special!


That is how I sell Lamar to a recruit because it is true. Lamar is also very special academically, and gonna be special athletically real soon despite some peoples best efforts to the contrary.


You mentioned "best" recruits. Most FCS schools get FBS transfers when they can and when it fits, and high schoolers for the most part that go under the radar of the FBS schools... What do you mean by the "best"? the Best are on A&M's team? I dont know what you mean.


It is not about being the "best" it is about making the best and most out of what we have and we are accomplishing that..... It is obvious that our recruiting is tenacious and ongoing by the fact that we are getting a few high schoolers and transfers that are play makers at this level..... What else is there? It is just the way it is done at Lamar and its been done pretty well in my opinion.... by all accounts with class and integrity and hard work.... It is the process CS.... We are moving forward and upward with or without you.

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SELA, McNeese and SELA are bringing in a lot of FBS transfers. SFA has never been shy about accepting transfers either.


We have never been shy about taking on FBS transfer either.. We have them all over the field. harris, roberts, brown, okafor, lineman from K. State.. sorry dude cant quite remember the name, and many others..


I think we should get FBS transfers every year and we do....

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