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Ray Rice Banned Indefinitely By NFL

eagle eye

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There has been a development that effects Ray Rice the person. TMZ released the video of Rice and his then-fiancee Janay Palmer in the elevator of the Atlantic City hotel where Rice punched Palmer out back in February. The video has caused the NFL and the Ravens to rethink Rice's punishment in the matter. What the Ravens came up with was termination of Rice's contract. In fact the actual statement released by the Ravens was, "Ray Rice's contract with the Baltimore Ravens has been terminated." That's it.

The NFL has banned Rice from the NFL indefinitely thus making everyone who wanted Rice's head happy and hopefully, if you're Roger Goodell the dogs will stop barking at his door over this---oh wait, everybody wants Goodell's head anyway. Keith Olberman, and just about everybody with a microphone at ESPN is calling for Goodell's resignation or termination because of the way the deal went down. Do you ever get the feeling the media is the modern day lynch mob? A person can't make a mistake in judgement or having made the mistake and apologized and rectified the mistake is victimized by a heretofore unreleased video showing what we knew anyway. but the seeing of the deed makes it so much worse to onlookers that the outrage over the whole deal escalates to a whole different level. Nobody condones what Rice did but would you get fired from your job if you hit your wife? Especially if she didn't press charges, if she came out and accepted some culpability in the incident? There's no excuse for hitting a woman but a moment of anger shouldn't ruin your life. The six game suspension and community service was a just punishment IMO for the situation. There's no history of abuse by Rice to warrant the loss of his livelihood. A suspension is warranted. Loss of his pay for the duration of his suspension is fair but his ability to do the job he has trained his whole life for is now off the table. How does this help his rehabilitation? You go to jail and pay your debt to society and you can go get work, for the most part, you are trained for. In effect, you are forgiven for messing up and are given another chance to do things right. To me, the Ray Rice incident is wrong from every aspect you can think of but to deny his right to make a living to support his wife (who was his fiancee when he hit her) is wrong. ESPN is leading the charge of outrage and they want blood. Not just Rice's but Roger Goodell's. I don't think Goodell is all that great of a commish but he doesn't deserve all this vitriol. The guy is trying his best and when they were seen as too lenient with Rice's original punishment he and the NFL league office and they changed the whole domestic abuse program. Now, with the release of the video of the actual punch it seems like Rice and Goodell should literally be crucified. ESPN speaking for the masses are calling for everyone involved including Ravens management's job. Sheesh. The 4th estate is supposed to be the conscience of the people but this is going too far. They are setting themselves up as judge, jury and executioner and nobody is safe. Sort of reminds me of the Spanish Inquisition only it's not the Catholic Church burning heretics it's the media crucifying football players, football commissioners, and football team management. My hope is that people don't get caught up in the frenzy and get some perspective involved. If they do and still want blood I will be sad because there is no Jesus asking the mob who will cast the first stone.

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