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NFL Fantasy Help - Week 3

eagle eye

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It seems that the NFL now stands for National Felon League. It's getting ridiculous with all the boo-yah going on.


> 49ers have several players on suspension or having legal action taken against them.

> The Seahawks have had their legal issues.

> The Cowboys had stuff with Josh Brent.

> Baltimore has issues.

> Minnesota has issues.

> Carolina has issue.


Etc, etc, etc.. It's incredible. People used to call the NBA players a bunch of gangstas and thugs. In truth it was more perception than reality but the NFL has ISSUES! I think Roger Goodell and the NFL league office are taking way too much heat, certainly more than they deserve, for having to adjust antiquated rules and punishments for domestic violence on the fly as player after player gets in legal trouble. I think the NFL is doing the best they can especially with the media hammering them at every turn. Holy crap. It's not the NFL's fault these things are happening to players in the league but they are expected to cleanup their mess. It's a legal matter but the NFL is supposed to be the ones to dole out the punishment. I would say, don't join the lynch mob media who is criticizing Roger Goodell. The media is just casting stones and they don't care who they hit. Their self righteousness and indignation seems to know no bounds and they will blame everyone in sight to get their way. To me, the media is telling people how they should do business. If your neighbor did that to you somebody might get punched in the nose. The 4th Estate is supposed to be consience of the people, not the judge, jury and executioner.

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I am sorry I have been absent here the past week. It's been a heckuva week and that's not good. By now the games are about to start and it's really too late to help you out for the early games but I'll be around here today to answer any questions, or chat or whatever. It you want to compare notes that's cool too.


For you fantasy nuts out there was some bad news that broke this morning. Former NFL kicker Rob Bironas was killed last night in a single car accident in Nashville, Tn. Just three weeks ago he had married Terry Bradshaw's daughter and he was currently shopping his skills around to teams in the NFL after being cut by the Titans this past summer. Thoughts and prayers for the Bironas and Bradshaw families.


Good luck to us all in fantasy this week. It's kickoff so let's get this part started!

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