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NFL Fantasy Help - Week 5

eagle eye

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I know what this sounds like. But, I was planning on beginning this week's help thread by saying it is only a matter of time before the Raiders head coach Dennis Allen was in real danger of being fired. I get up this morning and what do I see. Raiders head coach Dennis Allen was fired last night. This comes on the heels of an old fashioned smack down of the Raiders by the Miami Dolphins at Wembly Stadium in London. I guess after 2 plus years and seeing no improvement in the team and a worldwide humiliation it was too much for the Raiders to bear. Reports are that Allen was fired over the phone which is just about as lame as breaking up with your girlfriend by text. Both situations indicate a lack of respect for the other person. Speculation is, according to NFL.com, that ESPN analyst Jon Gruden is at the top of the Raiders wish list. I'm sorry but I don't see Gruden giving up a cush gig at ESPN for the brutal grind of an NFL head coach. Besides, he's already turned down better offers. Let's face it, the Raiders are a freaking mess and it will take a coach who understands it may take 2-3 years before any light shines down that tunnel.


After last night's smack down of the Patriots by the Kansas City Chiefs you have to wonder where in the world is Tom Brady. Seriously, the Tom Brady we all know has yet to make an appearance in 2014. He may be hiding out with Carmen San Diego for all we know. One thing is for sure, the guy posing as Tom Brady sucks. Until he shows some sign of his old self Brady needs to be on your fantasy team bench.

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Okay, you need some help at QB. I know this. Hell, when the bye week rolls around I'll need a QB. So I have a couple of suggestions that could pay nice dividends for your fantasy team.


First, this is sort of obvious but Teddy Bridgewater is the type of QB to give the Packers royal hell. He wasn't very good coming into the New Orleans game two weeks ago in relief of an injured Matt Cassel. Truth be told, Cassel has been rather ineffective in previous outings. Bridgewater is rookie but with a full week of practice he was able to light up the Atlanta Falcons for 41 points before hurting his ankle. That's the rub, is his ankle good enough to go on Thursday night in Green Bay? Bridgewater is saying he's playing but his coach Mike Zimmer is less sure. If he can go he makes the weapons around him more effective. This is a game time decision in the making. If Teddy can go, I'd play him.


Second, the Rams have a QB now. I'm not talking about career backup Shaun Hill or ex-Houston Cougar-Houston Texan Case Keenum. No, I'm talking about Austin Davis. This kid has a spark and Jeff Fisher says he's starting Sunday against the Eagles. The Rams have had two weeks to get ready for their second NFC East foe in a row. If you remember Davis lit up the Cowboys two weeks ago to the tune of 327 yards, 3 TD's and 2 picks. He threw the ball 42 times completing 30 for a completion rate of 71%. In case you hadn't noticed Philly has been lit up by the Redskins and 49ers the past two weeks. They are playing an Eagles defense this week that is hurt on both sides of the line of scrimmage. Davis could be the sleeper hit of the season at the QB position.


Third, there's the Browns Brian Hoyer. The Browns headed into their bye week last week on the heels of a dramatic come from behind win over the Saints. The Browns are 1-2 so far but in their two losses they pushed the Steelers to the brink of overtime losing 30-27 and in their game against the Ravens in Week 1 only a last second field goal by Baltimore provided the margin of a 23-21 Ravens win. In his three games Hoyer has passed for 716 yards, 3 TDs and no picks. He's got emerging receivers in Andrew Hawkins, Miles Austin and Taylor Gabriel. It's a nice matchup for the Browns catching a Tennessee Titans team without Jake Locker and they have looked pretty beatable since opening week when they beat up on Kansas City. I got a dollar to your dime Hoyer is a good play this week.


My last pick is someone who will elicit a WTF! from some of you but hear me out. Orton, when in the proper situation has proven to be a more than good QB. Before the Tim Tebow circus Orton was winning games in Denver until a late season injury slowed him down. After a very brief and unlucky stint in Kansas City Dallas signed Orton to lucrative deal to backup Tony Romo. He was called upon in Week 17 last season after Romo blew out a disc in his back and nearly led the Cowboys to a win over the Eagles despite a Cowboys defense that couldn't stop me much less another pro football team. Orton weaseled out of the end of his contract because, I believe, he wanted a chance to start again. Now, he's getting it. Really, the only thing holding the Bills back has been the crap play of EJ Manuel. I don't mean to be rude but Manuel has been pretty freaking bad. Now, it's Orton's turn. Don't forget he led the Chicago Bears to the playoffs subbing for an injured Rex Grossman. Grossman came back for the playoffs and led the Bears to the Super Bowl against Indianapolis. The Bears never would have made it that far without Orton. If the offense can stay on the field without giving up turnovers or 3-and-outs the defense may have a chance to play some ball. Orton will give the Bills more than a fighting chance. Buffalo has to travel to Detroit and it won't be easy but Orton could make the game a shootout. Need a bye week QB? Give Orton a shot.

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Here is an overview of this week's NFL injury report from NFL.com. It would do you well to take note of a good many of these players who may or may not be available this week.




Looks like Drew Stanton is playing again this week as Arizona's normal #1 QB, Carson Palmer, is going to miss this week's game still dealing with a bad shoulder. Stanton is learning on the job but he is getting better and he's been good enough to make Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd relevant in fantasy. Playing the Broncos in Denver this game could turn into a shootout--or not--depending on how well Arizona's defense can stand up to the Peyton Manning onslaught.


Tennessee's Jake Locker is going to be back in the lineup after missing last week's game with a bad wrist.


If you were holding onto Denver kicker Matt Prater until his suspension for a failed drug test was up you saved him for nothing. Your best bet now is to hang on to him in case a needy team picks him up because the Broncos have released Prater opting to stick with Brandon McManus who has been perfect so far this season.


Just a note here: Last week I saw an article that said that Eddie Lacey had been looking a film of himself to see if he could figure out why he has been struggling through the first three weeks of the season. He said he found that he was running with his pad level too high and that he needed to get back to running with his pad level lower. He felt like he had found something and guess he was right because in Thursday night's blowout of the Minnesota Vikings he absolutely went off. His final stat total was 13 carries for 105 yards rushing with 2 TD's and he had 3 catches for 27 yards. That's with a very limited role as Lacey split series with James Starks who wasn't nearly as efficient as Lacey. Starks finished with 12 carries for 46 yards and 2 catches for 2 yards. Yeah, I guess Lacey did figure it out. Going forward it's a fair bet to assume last year's Offensive Rookie of the Year is back on the right track.

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I've stuck with discussion about QBs so far but it's time to take a look at RBs. First, lets take a look at the NFL rushing leaders through the first quarter of the season.

1. DeMarco Murray - Stone cold lock for a RB1 spot against intra state rival Houston.

2. Rashad Jennings - Say What?!

3. Le'Veon Bell - Apparently smoking dubbies makes you faster.

4. Alfred Morris - Could be rough sledding against Seattle Sunday night or maybe not? Hmmm.

Knile Davis - This kid is makes the Chiefs backfield scarrrrrrry.

6. LeSean McCoy - I don't understand why he's ranked here (according to ESPN) he has a mere 192 yards rushing in four games.

(That's less than 50 YPG rushing)

7. Eddie Lacey - Boosted by his yardage explosion this past Thursday.

8. Matt Forte - Chicago's old reliable is still bringing home the bacon for the Bears.

9. Arian Foster - This is shock considering he's missed a game and a non-factor in another. Hammies are stubborn and don't heal all the way during the season.

10. Matt Asiata - The understudy to Adrian Peterson won the No. 1 spot by default and he's doing his best.


Scintillating top 10, huh?

There are some diamonds out there. Always are, you just have to know where to look.

One bush to beat may be Asiata's running mate, rookie Jerick McKinnon. Don't let the bomb laid in Green Bay fool you. McKinnon went off in Atlanta and he has the game breaking ability Asiata does not.

There is a rough cut stone in Baltimore. His name is Lorenzo Taliaferro. He is a bit mired in a 3-way with Bernard Pierce and Justin Forsett but he's the more explosive of the backs. Forsett and Taliaferro have done very well thank you since Pierce has missed but he's ready to come back into the lineup. My guess is Pierce will get his starting spot back with Taliaferro the change of pace back. I like Taliaferro emerging as the starter sometime this season.

Don't give up on Zach Stacy. The Rams struggled out of the box with career backup Shaun Hill stepping in for Sam Bradford who tore his ACL AGAIN in preseason. But, when hill got hurt the kid Austin Davis came in a beat Tampa Bay on the road and damn near beat Dallas at home. Stacy was much more effective with a QB who could like teams up through the air. Stacy and his Rams face a battered Philly team. The Rams are fresh coming off their bye week and an extra week with Davis in practice under center. Yeah, Stacy is a playa.

Look who else is coming off a bye. Why it's Cleveland and they may be 1-2 so far but they are nobody's whipping boy. The teams that have beaten them, Baltimore and Pittsburgh had to earn it winning on last second field goals. Terrence West has been all that for Cleveland so far. Ben Tate will probably be back this week but Terrence West and Isiah Crowell have been a good one-two punch and one or both are better than Tate IMO. West has been a little banged up he's worth a flex start and Crowell is worth picking up to stash on your roster for a rainy day (or injury).

Lamar Miller was supposed to be a bell cow for the Dolphins when he was drafted but he has been either hurt or under performed since the draft. But, when Knowshon Moreno went down on the first play of the 2nd game it's been all Miller. I heard the big catch phrase in Miami is, "It's Miller Time!". Not real original but they're fans and fans make up corny stuff. Miller is worth a look in this week's game against ---- nevermind. Dolphins are on a bye. But, next week, that's another story.


That's a sample of what's out there so take that as you will. I'm open to questions and I've always got an opinion about something.

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Word out of Yahoo Sports is Calvin Johnson is good to go and is in line for a big day.


Yahoo is also saying it looks like Vernon Davis will be out this week and even if he plays it's likely he won't be effective.


If you need a TE in place of Davis I suggest getting Giants TE Larry Donnell or Kansas City's Travis Kelce. Both are available in many fantasy leagues.


Saints safety Jarius Byrd is out for the season with an ACL injury making a suspect Saints defense even moreso and as a result even being at home may not help the Who Dats beat a Tampa Bay team who looks a lot more dangerous since Mike Glennon assumed the starting QB duties. As a matter of fact Glennon is a definite sleeper pick this week.


Rashad Jennings is a sure bet vs the Falcons.


I've talked this week about how much better the Bills should be with Kyle Orton and by proxy the skill position players should benefit as well. Sammy Watkins can finally be a factor. CJ Spiller and Freddie Jackson will be better too. WR Robert Woods and TE Scott Chandler should be better as well. I guess what I'm saying is that without EJ Manuel in the lineup to hold them back Buffalo may be the best team in the AFC East. Buffalo gets a tough challenge travelling to Detroit. The Lions are the top ranked defense in total defense but it you break down the split between rushing and passing you see the Lions are the 2nd ranked passing defense but they are the 27th ranked rushing defense. With a split like that it's obvious that teams are running all over the Lions so opponents are not passing as much. Call it a gut feeling but the Bills may give the Lions all they can handle and may be the upset pick of the week.


Yahoo is tagging Bishop Sankey as a hot play this week. If you have Sankey plug and play and if he busts blame Yahoo Sports!


One more pick is Carolina's Kelvin Benjamin. The guy is a beast and is receiving a ton of targets every week and at 6'5" he's next to unstoppable in the Red Zone.


I'm here for the afternoon so if you want to talk football or fantasy look me up!

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