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TAMU QB Kenny Hill Suspended!

eagle eye

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Holy crap on a cracker how the mighty have fallen! Kenny Hill, who began this season with a huge win in South Carolina over the Old Ball Coach's Gamecocks winning in a place nobody in a couple of years has been able to do is now no longer a member of the team! For 2 games anyway. That record breaking game at South Carolina seemed to have Hill on the fast track to another Freshman Heisman trophy winner but he came back down to earth and he did it with a thud. Now, it wasn't all his fault. The game against Mississippi State was not Hill's fault. His receivers dropped like 12 passes that day. But after a loss to Ole Miss the loss, no embarrassment at Alabama where the Aggies were H-bombed 59-0 Kevin Sumlin announced the QB job competition was open and it would be between Hill and heralded new comer Kyle Allen. Earlier this week Sumlin announced Allen was going to start against the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks and today it was found that Hill has been suspended for two games for violating team rules. What the violation was was not detailed but to say Hill has had a rollercoaster season is an understatement. As for Allen, he should be able to lead the Aggies over UL-M but he will be looking at a tough road game next week at Auburn. At least Hill will get his feet wet before they throw him in the deep end of the SEC pool.


BTW, it's midway through the 2nd qtr and TAMU is tied with UL-M at 7!

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