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Preseason Interview with Tic Price


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As part of the Enterprise’s Lamar basketball season preview, which was in today’s paper, I interviewed coach Tic Price about a litany of things in preparation for the season’s tip off Friday at SMU.There’s some interesting points included, especially about on-court strategy and personnel. Give it a read and be sure to follow along with our coverage all season long.

Q: What did you see that you liked from the scrimmage?

A: I think the encouraging thing was both teams competed, but not for a full 40 minutes. The Red team played hard the first 20 minutes and the White team played the second 20 minutes. We made some progress, but we still have a ways to go.

Q: How do you think the freshmen and junior college guys have progressed?

A: We haven’t been battle tested yet so it’s hard to tell. It’s too early to get excited and I realize they’re going to have to go through a maturation process. And that goes for the returning players who didn’t log that many minutes. Although we’ve turned the page, there still lingers the effect of not having success while they’ve been here. With that comes a fragile mindset filled with doubt. If we get some wins early, that gives us a psychological boost. We’re still trying to grow and develop as a team. There’s no superstars, if we have a team mindset, it will make us much stronger.



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I get the impression that Tyran and Ross will be the go to guys this year. Hopefully Gregory and Hollis can handle the center position. The big question marks are the guard positions. Do they have the guards who can handle the pressure, get the ball up the court without a lot of turnovers? Under Pat Knight the team was dreadful at taking 3-point shots. Do they have anyone who can make 3's and will Price let them shoot them?
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You keep talking about Quan Jones, yet during the scrimmage, yes it was one 40 minuet game that was a scrimmage, he did not impress me at all. Booze was taking chances, threading the ball which did result in a few turnovers, but was also getting some fantastic assists. I did not see Quan Jones make one pass that made me go, "That's impressive." You keep talking about Bosha being this lights out shooter yet he did not hit a single three, several of his shots were wide open, and threw up two airballs and bank shot that hit the side of the backboard. Not saying that he can't shoot the ball but he did not show it that night. And then there is Petty. He can shoot and he found the medium ground between the overly safe Quan and the flashy and risky Booze. From the 40 minuets I saw he was by far the best option.
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