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Houston...We Have A Hall Of Famer


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Pardon my corny title...was nearly brought to tears this afternoon when one of my childhood idols was honored with the ultimate individual prize a baseball player can get...Cooperstown. Congrats Craig Biggio on a well deserved honor. Played the game right and at an extremely high level. If anyone wants to show their kids or grandkids how to play the game...show them highlights of number 7 from Houston from 1988 to 2007 and enjoy.
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Listening to Colin Cowherd this morning that guy pissed me off. He said and I quote, "Craig Biggio was a nice player but not a Hall of Famer.". WTF???? Biggio not a Hall of Famer? Is he crazy? 3000+ hits alone is his ticket in not to mention he was an All Star at both catcher and 2nd base. He holds the record for most doubles in MLB history. He's in the top five for lead off home runs. He may be No 2 with Ricky Henderson being No 1. The way he conducted himself on and off the field did nothing but represent for the Astros and MLB for all of his 20 year career.


I don't understand why Jeff Bagwell isn't in the Hall. His career numbers compare favorably with Frank Thomas who went into the Hall last year and Thomas never won Rookie of the Year but Bagwell did in 1991 and Thomas was never league MVP. Bagwell was in 1994. Bagwell should have been an All Star more often than he was but for Mark McGwire and a host of other 1st basemen that the National League had back in Bagwell's heyday. No other player in MLB history except Bagwell had 5 season where he drove in 100+ runs, scored 100+ runs, got 100+ walks, had 30+ home runs and stole 15 bases. He was one of only 4 players to hit 30 home runs in a season and steal 30 bases. The list goes on and on. Baseball statistion Bill James listed Bagwell, in his book "New Historical Baseball Abstract", as the 4th best 1st baseman of ALL TIME! There wasn't a first baseman with the fielding skills of Bagwell who was, until arthritis in his shoulder made him a liability on defense, one of the best, if not THE best at turning the 3-6-3 double play. Bagwell wasn't fast but he was a great base runner who was rarely caught stealing and he often was able to stretch out a hit to extra bases. It's unfathomable to me he isn't in the HOF.

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