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What to watch for as football starts spring practice


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Good synopsis of some of the major points we are looking at going into spring. Along with the 3 points you mentioned with the QB battle, replacing Mark Roberts, and promoting Chuck Langston, I'm looking forward to a number of additional things.


What do we do on the OL...can see a number of combinations. Does Allen take over at LT and leave Brock at RT or flip them?...who backs them up in spring? Can Oubre play C? If not, he'll be in the mix at G and so would that move does Woods to T?


Looks like Anthony Beard won't be getting another year from the NCAA...at least I figured we would have heard by now. So who fills his spot? Transfer Cameron Hampton is built more like an OLB so does Mike Hargis move inside or will he stay outside and us be deep at OLB? The entire LB corp my be out strongest unit this year. Hargis, Ronnie Jones, and Logan Moss return for their SR year with a lot of experience. I'm hoping to see big things from the trio of Shawn Jones, Melbrodrick Matthews, and Reggie Long from the 2014 class and allow us to RS several of the HS LBs that signed this year.


Will the special teams units improve? (can't be worse right) Last year was painful to watch as we flat out sucked at place kicking, kick-offs, kick coverage, kick return, punting, punt coverage, and punt return...I guess we we good at deep snapping at least...

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