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Twitter Trolls Get Punished

eagle eye

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You guys heard about the buzz over a couple of twitter trolls who got their comeuppance? It seems that former MLB pitcher Kurt Schilling tweeted that he was proud of his daughter who got a scholarship to play softball in college. Proud dad, right? It seems two different guys decided to troll Schillings' tweet by saying extremely vulgar things about his daughter for no apparent reason other than they were just low life trolls. Schilling didn't take it lying down. He tracked down the offending parties and confronted them about. Good for Kurt. The result was that one guy who was a part time employee of the Yankees got fired and the other guy was a student at a college in Florida and he got suspended.


Freedom of speech is a right but it doesn't mean you there aren't consequences to exercising that right. You can't just say anything to people and expect them to just take it. If you are a troll don't think there aren't consequences to being that guy. We've seen trolls on this web site but they are relatively harmless. They just have fun getting a rise out of people and they haven't really gotten personal or vulgar about it. Apparently these two guys did--to the extreme. If you really care what was said I think the only place you can find the tweets is on Kurt Schilling's blog page. A proud father tweets that he's happy for his daughter getting a college scholarship and gets bombed by a vulgar laden tirade. Good for Schilling for not letting these bums get away with it and good for the Yankees and the school in question for taking action against the offenders.


Twitter has a place in our society but it is no place for idiots and trolls. This seems to be a case having a grace period before a tweet is posted or at least the question, "Are you sure you want to send?" should be part of the process. How many times have you heard people say they wish people would think before they push "enter" on their keyboard. In this case I don't think it would have mattered but don't you think they'll think twice before they do the same thing again? Geez, I hope so.

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