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I get the sense we are about to start hearing that Jim Gilligan has had the game pass him by stuff or that he has lost his recruiting touch. It's a rocky slope but it's also hard to fire a guy who has meant so much to the school. Maybe it's too early to throw around the F word but Lamar has some issues to address. Or maybe it's too early to worry about it and draw conclusions before the team has had a real chance to gel. Are we typical fans or what?
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The program appears to be as old and outdated as Jim is. We need fresh blood. We haven't been competitive in years. Recruiting is abysmal and the product on the field has been sub-par for years. But obviously, Jim is going to be able to hang on until they have to wheel him out in a wheel chair or a gurney, regardless of how far the program falls. Jim has been wonderful for the program for decades, but he should have retired 5 years ago.
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