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Care To Try Your Hand At Being An NFL GM?

eagle eye

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The NFL draft is roughly 4 weeks away and mock drafts are coming out of the woodwork. All the pundits and experts all have their own take on what is going to go where. Who will take who to address needs as others see it. Nice conversation piece if you are a hardcore NFL fan or a hardcore fan of a particular team. There are web sites that allow you and me to participate in that process which are really cool to see if you get the right one because you see that your wish list is compromised because there are 31 other teams tapping the same keg of the player pool.

I have found a website that gives this experience. It's interesting, it's fun and best of all it's free. The site is called fanspeak.com and the area of the site is called On The Clock. It's totally interactive and you can choose to pick for any team you like. The site is programmed to know what picks each team has including picks acquired from past deals and compensatory picks. If your favorite team traded away their 1st and 3rd round picks you get to watch the other teams pick through the talent pool while you watch players you might want disappear. Last season Houston had like 11 picks in the draft and fanspeak had them all right where they should have been. It's the same this year. Besides choosing the team you want to draft for you pick the number of rounds you want to participate in. The players in the talent pool are ranked from best to worst so if you just want to take the best available you exactly who is considered the best. How is this done? Well the player rankings are compiled from several different sources. Fanspeak has it's player rankings and there's CBS Sports and the Bleacher Report among the 13 different player ranking sources. All that done you click on an Al Bundy-esque button "Let's Draft" and you wait your turn to pick. It's cool, it's frustrating and it's enlightening to see what GMs have to deal with when players they may have been targeting go off the board.

I might suggest you use, as an complimentary piece NFL.com's player profile of the top players available in the draft. When you get down into the 3rd and 4th rounds and later you may not be familiar with the players left. Now, if you want to play it to the hilt there is an upgrade that allows you to make trades and swap picks to move up and down in the draft order. I don't have this feature because I have enough enjoyment without complicating the process. If you are more hardcore than me it might be worthwhile to invest in the advanced feature.

Below are links to the Fanspeak web page and a link to the NFL.com player profile page which allows you to search by position to help speed up searches. Have a blast!





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