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What is this world coming to?

eagle eye

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The Michigan program has turned itself in for 4 violations already committed by new head coach Jim Harbaugh. I know, it couldn't believe it but there is was, in black and white. 4 violations.


What did the evil Harbaugh do?

He signed a helmet and a jersey and donated them to a fund raiser for a high school, letting a recruit sit with him in premium seating at a university hockey game, sharing recruiting material on social media and discussing a recruit before he was admitted. All these violations are Level III violations and no punitive punishment is warranted. In other words, no big deal but the University felt beholden to turn itself in. Now it must be noted that these secondary violations are breached all the time and Harbaugh has done nothing his predecessor Brady Hoke didn't do. The reason UM probably felt all righteous was the fact that the school and the football program has gotten a lot of media coverage just because it was Jim Harbaugh. Not even the faintest appearance of improprieties will pass scrutiny as Michigan looks to rebuild it's winning tradition.

Harbaugh's response? Well, it was on twitter, "No good deed goes unpunished.--Oscar Wilde". Nice to see crazy Jim still has a sense of humor.

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