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[Ty Terrell Track Stadium] Some work going on at the track stadium


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I haven't seen any releases, but it looks like some work is progressing at the track stadium.


Runways are being redone. Based on a comment from the linked Lamar University Track/Cross Country Photos Facebook photos page, the track, itself, may be in for resurfacing also.


Link to Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=946316348753278

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If I understood the comments on the linked Facebook page, it sounds like some of the needed repairs are underway. I noticed that upgrades to the stadium infield were being considered as well. That would be nice.


I remember the days of the Ty Terrell Relays with athletics like world record holder and Olympian Randy Matson competing.


Based on the results in Cross Country and Distance, it looks like Track and Field may be in a rebuilding phase anchored off of the the distance runners. Ty Terrell built his program anchored off of relay teams. It would be nice to have a facility that would entice prospective athletes to give the Lamar program a greater consideration. Using the new facilities at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and Abilene Christian, it seems like improvements would be needed to "catch up to the Joneses".

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More pictures of the resurfaced track and new runway. It's looking nice.


(Pictures are found on Lamar University Track/Cross Country Facebook page.) https://www.facebook.com/LUTFXC


From yesterday (July 25) New track surface with painting started.







From July 16 (After new surface installation, but before painting)






Before painting...



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