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American Pharoah Wins Triple Crown

eagle eye

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In thoroughbred horseracing there have only been 12 Triple Crown winning horses dating back to when the Kentucky Derby became the 3rd race that made up the 3C. The first was in 1919 and the last until American Pharoah did it this weekend was in 1978 by a horse named Affirmed. To a non-horse racing fan I am a little surprised that more people at work are not talking about this more. There have been a bunch of horses who won the first two legs of the 3C, the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness but the 1-1/2 mile course at the Belmont has broken them all. It's the longest race of the big 3 and it rounds out the true test of just how good a horse is. It seems like this milestone is more of a ho-hum event. I know this isn't earthshattering even in terms of the sports world but it really is a big deal. The fact that this is the first time in 37 years the 3C has been won shows just how hard it is to accomplish. Props to American Pharoah and who wouldn't want to train for 3 days of work and then spend the rest of your life being pampered and had a parade of females ushered in for your pleasure? Now, some would consider the horse's owners will turn him into a man-whore but really, who cares?
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