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This is testing the old fogeys out there but here goes.


What famous song writer had one of his big breaks in show biz with a song performed by The Monkees that appeared on one of the group's albums and performed in the TV show?


Hint: the man road a wave of enormous fame as one of the pioneers of the country rock genre in the early 70's. His biggest hit was a song named "Wildfire". That particular song was an enormous hit back in 1975 and reached No 3 on the Cashbox charts, #2 on the Billboard top 100 and No 1 on the Adult Contemporary chart. It was part of his biggest and most agree best album titled, "Blue Sky-Night Thunder" which also included another big hit for this artist, "Carolina in the Pines".


Give up? Too bad. I'll post the answer tomorrow.

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Okay, one day late (as usual) but here's the answer. I have two assumptions. 1) It wasn't as interesting a question as I thought and 2) It wasn't worth a google search for those who looked at the post. Oh well. Just in case you're a little curious the answer is Michael Martin Murphey. The connection to Murphey and the Monkees TV show which used an early song of his was at the request of a guy he used to be in a band with, Mike Nesmith who was one of the Monkees. So, this proves Nesmith could actually play guitar which was something the Monkees had to deal with back in the day, that they didn't play their own instruments. The fact is Mike and Peter Tork had been in bands and could play. Peter probably couldn't play keyboards as was portrayed in some of their videos breaks in the show but he could play bass, guitar and banjo. Mickey and Davey were actors and probably couldn't play a lick outside of maracas and a tambourine. I know, too much information. Peace-out.
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