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Beginning a fantasy preview of NFL teams and Boomer and I will be doing it by division. I will begin the series with a look at the NFC West. I will not waste time or space evaluating kickers or defense/special teams. These are positions that do much better as chosen according to matchup if your league has liberal waiver wire pickup rules. These players are normally drafted at the end of the draft anyway.


Seattle Seahawks

> QB = Russell Wilson just got a big contract extension from the Seahawks. That has nothing to do with his worth as fantasy prospect but he does pretty well for himself. He is not going to put up big numbers for the most part because it's Marshawn Lynch is the engine that drives that bus. Many pundits have Wilson way overrated IMO but he is still a solid pick. He's not a guy you will get in the first round of your draft but he will go in the 5th or 6th round when a good many QBs go.

> RB = Marshawn Lynch is no-brainer first round pick until he's not. In other words, he is getting old for a RB but as long as he produces he's a definite 1st round pick.

> WR = I can't recommend any WR's from Seattle. I used to be able to say Golden Tate but he has moved on to Detroit where he's doing very well, thank you. The only really recognizable name is Doug Baldwin but he would be a late pick in the draft, 12th round or later.

> TE = Jimmy Graham is the obvious choice but frankly I don't see Wilson as even close to Drew Brees. This is a predominately run based team so just from that you would think Grahams targets would be down. He may be a main target in the red zone but Seattle made the mistake of not running Lynch in the Super Bowl, I doubt if they make that mistake again. Target Graham in the 4th to 6th round of your draft.


Arizona Cardinals

> QB = If Carson Palmer can come back and remain healthy it should be quite a divisional race With an improved St Louis team to go along with the Seahawks it will be quite a division race. The Cards were right in the thick of the NFC West race until Palmer went down for the season. Bruce Arians is a magician of a coach and if the O-line can keep Palmer protected he should be critical to the Cardinals success. As for fantasy I would have to say Palmer is QB2 which means you grab him as a backup in the 10th round or later.

> RB = Andre Ellington is at the top of the Cardinals depth chart and it looks like they will be counting on him to be the bell cow this year. You aren't going pick Ellington in the first round you would normally target him in the middle rounds. Sleeper alert: RB David Johnson a rookie from N Iowa climbed draft boards in the spring. Arizona got him in the 3rd round and he could be someone who could be a very pleasant surprise.

> WR = Larry Fitzgerald is a no-brainer. He will be a top 10 WR pick. Depending on Carson Palmer's health. If Palmer goes down there is nobody left and Fitz's value falls off the table. You could take a chance in later rounds on WR John Brown especially early in the season with Michael Floyd going down with an injury in training camp. Floyd's numbers were way down in 2014 anyway. Brown looks to have more upside.

> TE = No prospects here, better look elsewhere.


St Louis Rams

> QB = This is interesting because when he's been healthy Sam Bradford was pretty darn good. When the Rams traded for Nick Foles it was greeted with a bit of head scratching. It was thought that the Rams were tired of Bradford being hurt all the time and Foles set the NFL standard for completions without an INT in 2013. He backslid last season and after being pulled for Marc Sanchez he rode the bench. So far in St Louis Foles has gotten rave reviews from his teammates and he certainly fits the Jeff Fisher mold a lot better than he did in Chip Kelly's offense. He could end up a top ten QB pick but he could be had later in the draft around Rd 6 or 7. He could be a real steal in the draft.

> RB = The Rams drafted Tre Mason last year and late in the season he started putting together some pretty good games. With good QB play it will make it hard for teams to cheat like they did last year and move a safety to the box which should open up some running lanes. Trouble is the Rams used their 1st round pick on Georgia's Todd Gurley. Trouble is Gurley is coming back from a torn ACL suffered in his last season at Georgia. Is he Adrain Peterson-like and able to come back months after the surgery? Now, if you are in a keeper league that's another story. Right now you need to pay attention to the preseason games the Rams play. That will let you know whether you need to go Mason or Gurley. Are you a gambler? Willing to take a chance or two? Gurley is supposed to be the next coming of the RB messiah. I may well pay dividends to take that chance, you just may have to wait a few weeks to see any payback.

> WR = There are some guys here to take a chance on in the late middle rounds. Kenny Brit, Tavon Austin and Brian Quick are all decent choices which could be even better if Foles is what the Rams hope he will be. 9th round or later for one of these guys would be best IMO.

> TE = Lance Kendricks could become a big target and I think he could be had after the 10th round as there are more attractive TE choices out there. As for value, again if Nick Foles is all that, he could be a later round steal.


San Francisco 49ers

> QB = Colin Kaepernick is too much of a wild card to make him very valuable. What's going to happen to the offense with new head coach Jim Tomsula in charge now? He is a post round 10 pick IMO and if he does any better then you've got a steal but this team has got major issues but, miracles do happen. The Niners have been devastated by retirements and free agent losses and in the case of Aldon Smith off field issues. This is a shell of the team that went to 2 NFC Championships and 1 Super Bowl. They will be at the bottom of the division rung all things considered. Kaepernick sort of showed that he's not a franchise QB last season and I don't expect much better considering loses on the O-line and their defense. This team is going to struggle in a tough division.

> RB = Frank Gore is no longer in da house. The long time work horse and perennial top 10 RB pick is gone. What's left is a RB by committee with Carlos Hyde, Kendall Hunter (coming off ACL surgery), Reggie Bush and former rugby player Jarryd Hayne. Do you see a first or second round pick in this bunch? Neither do I.

> WR = The primary targets will likely be newly acquired free agent from Baltimore Torrey Smith as the deep threat and ageless (or is that aging) Anquan Boldin as the possession receiver. The Niners haven't had all that much luck with free agent WR's but Smith could be an exception.

> TE = Vernon Davis is still a top 10 caliber receiver but if Kaepernick has no time to throw it will be hard to get Davis the ball. Davis is a top five TE BUT you are certainly taking a chance on him producing much. The good thing is San Fran is liable to be throwing a lot because they will be behind in games I would lump Davis in with Smith and Boldin as players to take in the 8th, 9th or 10 rounds only because the pickens for the team as a whole are so slim.


Predicted finish for the NFC West

1st Seattle

2nd Arizona

3rd St Louis

4th San Francisco


(I had a hard time with this prediction because Arizona and St Louis were a coin toss and in my coin toss Arizona won)

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Here's Boomer's Preview of the AFC West

(He needs to clear up some glitches with the website since he hasn't posted in a while but he will be back with a look at the NFC North)


Denver Broncos

Peyton Manning, QB, Broncos. Bye: 7.


Peyton Manning will be negatively affected by Ryan Clady's season-ending injury. Manning had issues down the stretch of the 2014 season because he was banged up. With Clady out, Manning will be hit more frequently, which could result in another poor finish.

Peyton was a hot mess in the last quarter of the season. The Mile High City is tough on the body already. He didn't have a single good fantasy performance following Week 12. He was dealing with a torn quad, but Manning will be an overrated commodity in 2015, given that he's now 39. It doesn't help that his offensive line is complete garbage.


C.J. Anderson, RB, Broncos. Bye: 7.

Now, I know what I just said in bashing Manning and the O-line but there might not be anything that can fix a bad O-line like a zone blocking scheme.

C.J. Anderson took over for the injured Montee Ball and Ronnie Hillman, and he would've remained the starter had both been healthy. Anderson was extremely impressive in all facets, rushing for 849 yards on a 4.7 clip, scoring 10 total touchdowns and catching 34 balls despite not getting double-digit touches in any game prior to Week 10. Anderson, who figures to be the starter, should even have more success running the ball, as Gary Kubiak is now the head coach. Kubiak has turned ordinary running backs into studs, so he should do wonders for Anderson.



Cody Latimer, WR, Broncos. Bye: 7.

Cody Latimer caught just two passes as a rookie, but he'll have an expanded role because Julius Thomas and Wes Welker left the team.

What Ourlads' NFL Scouting Services said about Cody Latimer: Indiana, 6024 215 4.41. Junior entry, two-year starter, is a big physical receiver who is a match-up problem for smaller defensive backs. Has big play game changing abilities. A three-year productive starter who can beat coverage when lined up going down the seam. Good ball skills and adjust. Reaches and extends for the ball at the high point. Catches the ball cleanly in his hands. Ran a 4.41 on his pro day.

The short week in week 2 travelling to Kansas City is hardly ideal, but they have only one morning kick off on their travels due to numerous primetime television games which is a help compared to their intra-division rivals. A bye week before playing Green Bay and Indianapolis is ideal, and two home games to finish the season also look nice. I expect the Broncos to make the postseason, but that will not be viewed as a success unless a Lombardi Trophy is brought home in February.

Kansas City Chiefs

Alex Smith, QB, Chiefs. Bye: 9.

It's no accident that Alex Smith failed to throw a touchdown to a receiver last season, as he is just a mediocre quarterback - both in real life and in fantasy. This is important because you will continue to hear how the WR’s are so much better.


Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs Bye: 9

Jamaal Charles saw a decline in overall fantasy points last season as Kansas City's offense took a step backward, and Charles had a few injuries that dropped him from 329 total touches to 246. That led to a subsequent drop in total yards from 1,980 to 1,324 and 19 scores to 14. Of course even with that drop, Charles was the seventh-best fantasy back in the league and still averaged five yards per carry. The addition of Jeremy Maclin and more reliance on tight end Travis Kelce should help open the offense up enough to keep Charles in the top-five equation, and with his ability, it is hard not to once again like his ceiling due to his electric ability.


Travis Kelce, TE, Chiefs. Bye: 9.

After missing all of 2013, Travis Kelce took the field for the first time last season and established himself as a potent weapon. He caught 67 passes for 862 yards and five touchdowns, emerging as Alex Smith's favorite weapon. The only issue with Kelce is that his touchdown total will always be low as long as Smith is at the helm.

The Chiefs 2014 season will forever be remembered for the startling fact that no wide receiver scored a single touchdown. They have tried to remedy that with the signing of Jeremy Maclin in free agency, but it still looks like a tough schedule may well keep them from spreading the ball about this year too. The opening month of the season looks particularly brutal, but the home game against Denver is a Thursday Night game, meaning a short week. This has tended to favor the home team and Kansas City will have to make it pay against their divisional rivals. A 1-3 or even 0-4 start is certainly possible.

Why in the world would the Chiefs be willing to give up a home game to play in London; Arrowhead Stadium is one of the best home field’s in the league, rivalling Seattle for crowd noise. To make up for the tough start, the schedule makers have given the Chiefs a much easier second half of the season, as they face only one playoff team from a year ago in the final seven games. If they can somehow negotiate the early season hovering around the .500 mark, they should cash in later in the season.

Oakland Raiders

Derek Carr Oakland Raiders Bye: 6

The addition of Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper should be a real help for Carr as he develops as a NFL quarterback. Ok I am going out on one here but the kid has true talent. I think that this is the true turning point of the franchise. These are big words from a guy who is not a fan of the team at all.


Latavius Murray Oakland Raiders Bye: 6

Murray will be the main man in Oakland and has the ability to have a good fantasy season even if the Raiders aren't winning games. His range of outcomes is wider than most top running backs, but for the tier group he is going in, he's one of the few running backs I'd feel good about grabbing.



Michael Crabtree Oakland Raiders Bye: 6

The hype machine is in full force for Crabtree so far this training camp as he has looked good to date. With Amari Cooper and himself both looking good, there is a decent chance they could help each other as long as Derek Carr takes a step in the right direction. Here is the simple fact This guy is a #1 WR he has a strong 2nd in Cooper. Don’t make the mistake of taking a slot receiver before you take an every down guy. It will be another tough year for the Raiders, despite a few good drafts that have helped bring some talent to a roster that had none a few years ago. There are certainly some winnable games on tap and I expect them to fight harder than they have the past few years for new coach Jack Del Rio, but there is not much cause for optimism when you look at the schedule. Opening against three AFC North teams shows how tough it will be, while they also face five 10am kick-offs when they are on their travels. At least they will not have to stay up late too often – only their Christmas Eve Thursday game against San Diego is scheduled to show in primetime.

San Diego Chargers


Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers Bye: 10

He falls in the mid-range group of quarterbacks. All have plenty of upside as long as their offenses can stay relatively healthy. Rivers just had a decent fantasy season as he threw over 4,200 yards and had 31 touchdowns, but his 18 interceptions were a back-breaker and dropped him from around the eighth best fantasy quarterback to 12th. Look for another competent fantasy year and hope that Ladarius Green and Stevie Johnson contribute. I have Faith I think that for where he is drafted is one of the highest values available.


Keenan Allen San Diego Chargers Bye: 10

Allen was a target magnet last season when healthy, but had trouble getting into the end zone. I think this season will show some touchdowns come his way. The Key to this selection is high output if he is on the field. This is your ace flex option not even your solid #2 at this point.



Melvin Gordon San Diego Chargers Bye: 10

Any rookie running back carries plenty of risk, but a starting running back for any team is worth his weight in fantasy gold. Chargers coach Mike McCoy wanted a solid workhorse back, so they moved up in the 2015 NFL Draft to get Gordon at 15th overall. He'll get plenty of work with no real competition breathing down his neck. The main concern will be in PPR leagues, where Danny Woodhead will most likely hurt any receiving upside Gordon has.

The Chargers flew out of the blocks a year ago before falling away dramatically, turning a 5-1 record into a 9-7 season that left them watching the playoffs from home. They will be determined to right that this year, and the drafting of Melvin Gordon at running back should go some way to alleviate the pressure on Phil Rivers at quarterback. The schedule is not kind, however, much like the rest of the division has found. No fewer than five of their road games are scheduled to kick off at 10am west coast time, which puts the Chargers at a serious disadvantage.

Even one of their easier games, at Oakland, comes on a short week, playing on Thursday night – Christmas Eve to be exact – which is hardly ideal. There are no soft stretches in the schedule where it will be easy to build up a winning streak, but they need to take advantage of two home games in three weeks against the Chiefs and Broncos, against whom they went a combined 0-4 last season. They have to at least bring that to 2-2 this year to stand a chance of playoff football.

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We continued with the Norris divisions in the NFL and I'll kick it off with the AFC North and Boomer will follow with the NFC North.


The division is pretty strong when you consider Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Cleveland.


We'll look at each team in the order they finished the division last year.


Pittsburgh Steelers (2014 finish 11-5) Bye Week 11

QB - Ben Roethlesberger is a top ten QB in fantasy even though he's often overlooked. Stack on top of that that his #1 target in 2014 was Antonio Brown who led all NFL receivers in receiving yardage. The Steelers will get some guys back along the O-line who missed last season because of injury and that spells more success for Big Ben. Going into the season Pitt has got to be the preseason #1 to win the division and have a shot at representing the AFC in Super Bowl 50 and it all starts with Roethlesberger.

RB - La'veon Bell is the bell cow of for the Steelers and that is without question. Pittsburgh will have to wait 2 games to start the season because Bell is suspended 2 games for his DUI and marijuana bust last year. DeAngelo Williams will be the man in Weeks 1 and 2. Make no mistake the Steelers will be waiting with baited breath for the #2 rusher in 2014 to get back on the field. Even though he was just shy of 500 yards behinds DeMarco Murray's 1,800+ yards his output was no slouch and he will be a top pick in most fantasy drafts despite the suspension.

WR - Antonio Brown was the NFL's leader in receiving yards in 2014. Calling his year a breakout year would be an understatement. Pittsburgh is deep with a load of #2's and #3's but the best of the lot will be 2nd year man Martavis Bryant out of Clemson. He's a big, strong receiver who is a good compliment to Brown. Bryant should be a nice pickup for your bench in fantasy as he may have some value during bye weeks.

TE - Heath Miller is the #1 guy for Pitt but he's only ranked #19 in tight ends going into the season by ESPN. There are a lot of other TE's to choose from before you chase after Miller. You wonder if Julius Thomas is going to have the same impact as he did as a Bronco in Jacksonville. My guess is it's not likely but I would still take him over Miller. Not a prime pick at this position.


Cincinnati Bengals (2014 finish 10-5-1) Bye Week 7

QB - Dalton is the 24th ranked QB in fantasy going into 2015. This despite him throwing for 3398 yards and 19 TD's last season. Dalton is lower middle tier QB and he can be had in the later rounds of the draft. Needless to say he may be a good option if you go heavy at RB and WR. He does have good targets to throw to but what hold Dalton back statistically is a strong running game.

RB - Jeremy Hill was the #8 RB in yards gained in 2014 and going into 2015 ESPN is ranking him #10 in fantasy. A good solid pick for fantasy owners. Giovani Bernard is a good handcuff for Hill and he's valuable in the passing game as well.

WR - The main man for Cincy is AJ Green. A perennial top ten pick out of all WR's. Green was #20 out of all WR's in 2014 in receiving yards and that sounds about right. All that means is that Green is often overrated in fantasy. He has a familiar name but his numbers don't translate to rep. Often he is taken too high in fantasy drafts. This isn't a comment on his ability, he's a damn good receiver, but with the Bengals running game and other receivers on the team that steal targets Green just isn't a consistent enough receiver to be considered a top ten pick in fantasy. Green is ranked #8 by ESPN in their fantasy WR rankings but all things considered I think that's a little high. As a 'keep you eyes on these guys' category keep Mohammed Sanu and Marvin Jones on your radar.

TE - Tyler Eifort is the man now that Jermaine Gresham is gone to Arizona. It will be Eifort's 3rd season in the NFL and he doesn't have it by now, well........ The Bengals didn't have a top 20 TE in fantasy so if you're looking at a Bengal TE you are desperate.


Baltimore Ravens (2014 finish 10-6) Bye Week 9

QB - Joe Flacco is not my favorite guy. I have long referred to him as "Bowzer", the guy from the 50's retro singing group Sha Na Na. Look at a picture of Flacco and a pic of Bowzer and you'll understand why. I may have concede that Flacco is better than I give him credit for but I don't want to. ESPN ranks him as the #20 QB heading into the 2015 season. The Ravens lost their primary deep threat in Torry Smith in the off season and they will be depending on the ancient one Steve Smith Sr as well as Marlon Brown the 3rd year receiver to throw to.

RB - Now that the Ray Rice thing is long in the rearview mirror the Ravens can concentrate on what they like to do best, rush the rock. Justin Forsette was the man last year. At first it looked like Forsette was a veteran backup to incoming RB Lorenzo Taliafaro but he took over the staring spot and ended up the 5th leading rusher in the NFL last season with over 1,200 yards. ESPN has him ranked as the 15th best RB in fantasy. Taliafaro is a good handcuff and he may have just learned a thing or two since his rookie season.

WR - Steve Smith Sr is the senior man on the job and he has already announced his retirement after this season ends so you know he's motivated. Smith was the 17th best WR in receiving yards in 2014 but he's not the highest ranked WR for the Ravens by ESPN. Breshad Perriman is ranked #38 while Smith is ranked #45. It may be hard to see the Ravens do more than middle of the pack in 2015 in the AFC but you never know what rabbit Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome will put out of his hat.

TE - Oft injured Dennis Pitta is still toiling away in Baltimore after taking a bit of a back seat for one season to Owen Daniels who is now in Denver. Pitta was not in the top 25 for TE's in 2014 because of Daniels presence. Daniels was the 15th ranked TE in receiving yards and if Pitta can stay healthy he could be in the same neighborhood. What means for fantasy is he is a backup for a bye week unless you find someone better.


Cleveland Browns (2014 finish 7-9) Bye Week 11

QB - Johnny Manziel is who I'm predicting will start in Week 1. If not it will be veteran Josh McCown. Needless to say neither will be a primary pickup in fantasy but if you're in a keeper league Manziel may be worth a try as a long term late in the draft.

RB - Terrence West looks like the leading candidate with Isaiah Crowell as the backup. West is going into his 2nd season and he looks like the clear winner in this race so far. The Browns drafted standout RB Duke Johnson out of Miami (Fla) but he hasn't practiced as yet due to a pulled hamstring. The Browns only rushed the ball 19 times and 2 of those were scrambles by Manziel. Not much to go on as yet but a RB2 or 3 West may fit the bill.

WR - It is questionable who will be the #1 guy for the Browns and with a starting QB still not decided upon you really aren't going to put a lot of eggs in a receiver basket. The Browns have Dwayne Bowe who may be more motivated after a dismal season in KC last year. The Browns are still waiting on Travis Benjamin to arrive. Throw in a cast of vets like Brian Hartline, Andrew Hawkins to go with a bevy of rookies and converted QB Terrell Pryor who is trying to keep his NFL hopes alive by changing positions. So, unless something breaks out in the next 2 preseason games I don't think Cleveland will be the likely spot you look for a receiver in the fantasy draft.

TE - This is where TE's go to bury their career. They have nobody I'd waste a pick on in fantasy. As the year progresses and the Browns offense settles in this may change but right now I don't see it right now.


Predicted finish in 2015


1. Pittsburgh

2. Cincinnati

3. Baltimore

4. Cleveland.

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Here is Boomer's preview of the mighty NFC Norris Division!



This area is a lot like the Middle East. There is a glutton of wealth and potential to be had if you can manage the ADP correctly.

Let’s start with the Pride of the north … see what I did there…

The Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford, QB, Lions. Bye: 9.

Matthew Stafford has looked better at OTAs this offseason, displaying improved accuracy. Stafford, now in his second year in Joe Lombardi's scheme, could rebound, especially if his offensive line holds up. The Lions spent their first-round pick on a blocker, so Stafford will almost certainly be better in 2015 than he was this past season.

Matthew Stafford threw just 12 interceptions this past season, which was down from 19 in 2013. The problem was that he had just 22 touchdowns, thanks to a poor offensive line that couldn't protect him. The Lions addressed that area this offseason, which should really help Stafford's fantasy output. Also, keep in mind that his defense will be worse next season, so he'll have to throw more often.

This is my favorite QB for the value, He gets forgotten every year and throws for 4000 plus yards.


Ameer Abdullah, RB, Lions. Bye: 9.

People are ranking Joique Bell ahead of Ameer Abdullah, but it might be time for that to change. Abdullah, who by all accounts has enjoyed a strong training camp, was extremely explosive in his preseason debut. He showed nice burst on his runs, and he made a great juke on a defender during his second attempt to pick up a first down. On the next possession, he displayed incredible acceleration after one cut for a gain of 45 yards. It needs to be said that this was against the Jets' first-string defense, and to top it off, Matthew Stafford and Golden Tate were both off the field on the play, so it's not like New York was focused on stopping the aerial attack. Abdullah is a legitimate, dynamic talent, and he could be a big producer as a rookie.

Abdullah has been a "star" in training camp for the Lions, according to Michael Rothstein of ESPN. Joique Bell remains the early favorite to start, but Abdullah could change that with a terrific preseason.

He will split touches with Joique Bell right away, and he could emerge as the primary back at some point in the future. He's a talented runner who can go the distance every time he touches the ball, so perhaps he'll become the player the Lions were hoping they had in Reggie Bush.


Golden Tate, WR, Lions. Bye: 9.

Calvin Johnson did not suit up in the preseason opener as a precaution, so it's no surprise that Golden Tate had a dominant performance. Tate ran circles around New York's slow defense, taking both of his catches for 57 yards and a touchdown on his only possession.

Golden Tate scored just four times in 2014, but he was a PPR machine in his first season with the Lions, logging 99 catches for 1,331 yards. Tate's production was at its highest when Calvin Johnson was out of the lineup, and it slipped a bit when Megatron returned, but he was still strong in PPR formats. I am a huge fan of Tate and he proved last year that he could support the load without Megatron. I am very high on this guy with his ADP holding him low right now.


The “PACK” took a hard hit this weekend but they have options to replace the loss of Nelson.

Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers. Bye: 7.

The Packers were 21st in offensive plays per game last season, but that sounds like it's going to change dramatically in 2015. ESPN is reporting that Green Bay wants to play at a faster pace, which is great news for Aaron Rodgers and all of his weapons.

Aaron Rodgers pretty much met fantasy expectations last season, falling 300 yards short of his predicted yardage, but throwing five fewer interceptions than anticipated. Rodgers was responsible for just five picks, bouncing back from a 2013 campaign in which he played just nine games. There's no reason to think that he won't be a top fantasy quarterback this year. He's well worth a second-round pick.


Eddie Lacy, RB, Packers. Bye: 7.

Eddie Lacy struggled during the first four games of the season, but was dominant down the stretch. He rushed for 1,139 yards despite getting just 246 carries, and he also caught 42 balls and scored 13 total touchdowns. Lacy, who has missed just one game in his career, could arguably be the No. 1 pick in fantasy this summer - if Le'Veon Bell doesn't get his suspension reduced. The fact is with Nelson out some of the load will fall on Lacy and he is a beast in this fast paced offense.


Davante Adams, WR, Packers. Bye: 7. SLEEPER

Even before the loss of Nelson Adams was having an uptic in offensive targets.AUG. 14 UPDATE: Davante Adams saw more targets than any other Packer receiver in the preseason opener. He caught only three of the six balls that came his way for 17 yards, but it's still a positive that he was so heavily involved on offense. Aaron Rodgers targeted him twice in the end zone, so Adams was very close to having a huge outing.

Aaron Rodgers told the media that Davante Adams will be getting more opportunities this season. Adams deserves this, as he has flashed in training camp. Adams will be a solid reserve fantasy receiver who will have plenty of upside; his numbers could explode if either Randall Cobb or Jordy Nelson goes down.

Davante Adams was named the MVP of OTAs by head coach Mike McCarthy. Adams, who finished his rookie campaign on a strong note, is worth adding during the late rounds of fantasy drafts because he could be a big producer if either Jordy Nelson or Randall Cobb gets hurt.

Davante Adams had his share of rookie mistakes, but the Packers lived with them because of Adams' play-making ability. The rookie had some big games to close out the season, particularly against the Cowboys in the divisional round of the playoffs. Adams will have a bigger impact in 2015, but it hurts his cause that Randall Cobb re-signed.


The “VIKES” are making a charge this year and are meshing old and new.


Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Vikings. Bye: 5.

Teddy Bridgewater finished the year on a torrid streak, compiling 250-plus yards in three of his four final contests. He also threw multiple touchdowns in four of his final six contests. He's a low-end QB2 with upside this year. The thing I liked most about Bridgewater is he got better not worse as the year went on, showing that he not only was picking up on the offense but was making other players better.


Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings. Bye: 5.

Adrian Peterson didn't play in Minnesota's second preseason game, yet he's going to receive a stock-down arrow because of Phil Loadholt's season-ending Achilles injury. Loadholt is a tremendous run-blocker, so Peterson won't have as much running room without his monstrous right tackle.

Peterson told the media that he didn't feel very explosive at the beginning of training camp. Peterson is an arrogant player who also told the media earlier that he planned to rush for 2,500 this season, so this admission is significant. Peterson turned 30 this offseason, so he's a risky choice in the top half of the first round. Then again, there aren't many appealing options this year.

Peterson, according to reports, has come into training camp looking in great shape. This is yet another positive entry for Peterson, who is definitely a viable candidate to go No. 1 overall in leagues.

It was believed that Adrian Peterson would be traded at some point this offseason, but it's now apparent that he'll remain the starting running back for the Vikings. ESPN has reported that Peterson won't be "anything less than a featured back," which is obviously great news for his fantasy outlook. I have no worries about Peterson and am excited to see him in a RB friendly offense with lots of chances to catch the ball in open space.


Charles Johnson Minnesota Vikings Bye: 5 SLEEPER

It took a while for Johnson to get things together, but he finally got his shot last year and showed a lot of promise. The Vikings acquired Mike Wallace in the offseason, but Johnson has a shot to take the No. 1 receiver job. Wallace will not hurt Johnson who showed great chemistry with Teddy B twards the end of the season. I have him on all my draft boards because of his upside vs. ADP.


And then we go to the Bears… Man how the mighty have fallen.


Jay Cutler Chicago Bears Bye: 7

Cutler finished a horrible season in which he was benched for the likes of Jimmy Clausen as the 14th-best fantasy quarterback with his highest yardage total as a Bear and the most touchdowns in his career with 28. Cutler's lost Brandon Marshall, but still has Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett, receiving back Matt Forte and 2015 first-rounder Kevin White. The loss of white is going to be huge, he was really coming along and will be hard to replace. I don't expect a huge year from Cutler, but he will be fantasy relevant, especially in two-QB leagues.


Matt Forte Chicago Bears Bye: 7

Forte won't hit 100 receptions again in his career, but he will continue to be a good receiver and see plenty of work in John Fox's system. If Forte can stay healthy, there's no reason he won't get 300+ touches this year, which only five running backs did last season, including Forte. He will be the Bell Cow in a time when that word has little meaning. This is another ADP grab that will pay off. I have seen him go as low as the 3rd round in drafts and it is just crazy.


Eddie Royal Chicago Bears Bye: 7 SLEEPER

This is what I like about Royal he and Cutler are boys and he kills it in the slot. The Bears gave Royal $10 million in guaranteed money, so they plan on playing him. The if factor on him is will he get to play the slot or does he have to go outside to cover for the loss of White. That is what gets him the sleeper rank.

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Up next is our Fantasy Nation preview of the NFC South. Carolina, was just the last team standing and they actually won by virtue of a tie game with Cincinnati during the season.


We will look at the division in the order of their 2014 finish.


Carolina Panthers (2014 finish - 7-8-1) Bye Week 5


QB Cam Newton - The guy will likely be a good pickup in fantasy drafts. Not only does he accumulate passing yardage he also runs the ball a lot. I really don't expect this trend to stop, this season anyway, because his best receiver Kelvin Benjamin was lost for the season with an ACL tear. This means Newton will have trouble throwing the ball and will probably need to run out of self preservation. Last season Cam threw for 3127 yards and 18 TDs. That was with Benjamin in the lineup. Cam is ranked #8 in their QB fantasy rankings.

RB Jonathan Stewart - Stew is still at the top of the depth chart and if the Panthers are going to do anything it will likely be him in the lineup. If I was going to take a chance on a player I may give rookie from Auburn Cameron Artis-Payne a shot later in the draft. Artis-Payne has gotten the most carries and was the leading rusher for Carolina in the first two preseason games.

WR - Nobody recommended - The top choices here are Devin Funchess the rookie from Michigan or veteran Ted Ginn Jr. The Panthers also have 3rd year man Mike Brown and Jarrett Boykin in his 4th year out of WVirginia.

TE Greg Olsen - Olsen is the clear choice here. The guy was good in Chicago and he really blossomed when he signed with Carolina. His bugaboo as with many players is his injury history which is pretty long and extensive. In 2014 Olsen had his best statistical season of his career. He caught 82 balls for 1008 yds and he scored 138 fantasy points which was 4th best in the NFL. Olsen is the 3rd ranked TE by ESPN.


New Orleans Saints (2014 finish - 7-9) Bye Week 11


QB Drew Brees - There's no need to go into a lot of hyperbole over Brees. Even casual football fans know he's a top 5 QB in real life and in fantasy. In 2014 he tied Ben Roethlesberger for most passing yards with 4952 yards with 33 TDs. He averaged 310 YPG passing. ESPN has him ranked as the 5th ranked QB. I think this is bogus when you figure Russell Wilson is ranked #3. No way in hell.

RB Mark Ingram - Coming off his breakout season in New Orleans last season and it would have been better if he hadn't missed several weeks due to an injury. Ingram finished 2014 with 9 TD's. The problem here is that Ingram will lose touches to Khiry Robinson and free agent signee CJ Spiller. Ingram is the 11th ranked RB by ESPN.

WR Brandin Cooks - The genius of Drew Brees is he doesn't give a crap about who he throws to as long as he's open. The Saints have their RB's to throw to plus a bevy of guys likeCooks, Marques Colston and a slew of other WR that will need to step up. Cooks is actually the highest ranked Saints receiver in fantasy by ESPN at #14. Like I said, drafting a Saints WR is hit or miss at best.

TE Josh Hill - Lord almighty has this kid got some big shoes to fill. No matter how well he does if he doesn't put up Jimmy Graham numbers Saint fans will be disappointed. Prepare to be disappointed. It's not a lost cause though because ESPN has Hill the 16th ranked fantasy TE.


Atlanta Falcons (2014 finish - 6-9) Bye Week 10


QB Matt Ryan - Ryan is considered at the top of the 2nd tier of QBs in the NFL. He does throw for a lot of yards but he tends to choke in the playoffs--when the Falcons actually make the playoffs which they failed to do last year. Ryan had the 5th most passing yards in the NFL last year throwing for 4694 yards and 28 TDs. That was with his top two receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones each missing time on the field. ESPN fantasy experts have Ryan ranked as the 7th best fantasy QB heading into 2015.

RB DeVonte Freeman - From what I've seen so far out of the Falcons 1's in the first 2 preseason games it's been Freeman and rookie RB from Indiana Tevin Coleman. Freeman is in his 2nd year out of Florida State and there isn't that much difference size wise between either back although Freeman is 5" shorter than Coleman. Coleman is actually ranked as the 35th best fantasy RB with Freeman #37. I tend to drift toward the older guy, Freeman.

WR Julio Jones - All you Roddy White fans don't get your panties in a twist. If you look at it objectively Jones passed White as Atlanta's #1 WR in 2013. In 2014 Jones was the 3rd ranked receiver in receiving yards with 1597 with 3 TD's. White, on the other hand was #31 with 921 yards but he beat Jones in TD's with 7. Also, White had a minor scope on his elbow this week and will be iffy to be available in Week 1. Jones will be a top 10 receiver in fantasy, top 5 is more like it while White might be a forgotten man and therefore a good value pick in the back half of you draft. ESPN has Jones as the 5th ranked WR while White is #33.

TE Jacob Tamme - The Falcons had trouble replacing the production of Tony Gonzalez last season and that continues to be an issue. Tamme was a free agent in Denver and judging by the success he had with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis and Denver Atlanta took a chance on him. ATL will be solid if unspectacular at TE this season. Tamme is the 30th ranked fantasy TE by ESPN and I think he could be a real sleeper. I like Tamme's game and with Jones, White and a running game Tamme could fill a big chunk of the void left by T Gonzalez. Good value later round pick.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2014 finish - 2-14) Bye Week 6


QB Jameis Winston - Winston looked a heckuva lot better in their preseason Week 2 win over Cincinnati. He looked like a little lost lamb in Week 1 but he showed a lot of improvement in Week 2. Winston has been a part of a very successful college program and going to the next level should not be too big for him. He's got the perfect coach for a young QB in Lovie Smith and he should do well. He can move in the pocket and he's big and strong like Big Ben Roethlesberger so he should be durable. He's got a strong arm and good receivers so he is in a good place to begin his NFL career. ESPN has Winston ranked as the 21st best QB in fantasy. Maybe worth a try as a backup QB on your fantasy team late middle or early late round pick.

RB Doug Martin - Martin had a big breakout season in 2012 and there were high expectations for him that went unrealized in 2013 and '14. Martin is finally healthy and he dropped about 20 pounds and he has his speed back. I've seen that in the preseason games I've watched. This guy won't go high because of his bad seasons the past two years but I'm targeting Martin as mid round pick. In 2014 he gained just 494 yards on 134 attempts with just 2 TD's. Martin is my preseason candidate for comeback player of the year. The situation is ripe for his return to prominence. If Martin stumbles or gets hurt there is still Bobby Rainey, Charles Sims and rookie Dominque Brown ready to take his place. Martin is the highest ranked Buc RB by ESPN at #34. Good value pick here, I'm telling you.

WR Mike Evans - As a rookie Evans made his presence known even though he had the likes of Josh McCown and Mike Glennon throwing to him he still logged 1051 receiving yards and 12 TD's. He was the 19th ranked receiver in yards in 2014. Evans should be even better as will the whole team be better in Lovie Smith's 2nd year as head coach. The talent has gotten better and Evans still has Vincent Jackson on the other side. Jackson was the 23rd ranked receiver in 2014 with 1002 yards despite missing time due to injury.

TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins - Jenkins was the Bucs 2nd round pick in 2014 and he got on the field a lot last season until an injury landed him on injured reserve after 9 games of the season. He didn't have huge numbers but it was his potential that seemed to shine through. Before he was hurt he had 21 catches for 221 yards but much more is expected of him this season. Very late round fantasy draft pick, if at all. ASJ is actually the 15th ranked TE by ESPN. Go Figure.


Predicted finish in 2015


1. New Orleans - yes I see them make a comeback or Rob Ryan will be one fired sonofabitch!

2. Atlanta - after a very down year I expect new head coach Dan Quinn to make the Falcons defense much better.

3. Tampa Bay - I think 2-14 may very well become 8-8 this year. There are just signs that the Bucs are going to be much better as well.

4. Carolina - I just don't think Cam and Company will be as lucky as they were last year. Cellar time for the Panthers.

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I'm going to leap-frog Boomer on the last division preview. I will be tackling the AFC East. So, without further ado.......................


The teams will be evaluated in the order of their finish in the 2014 season.


New England Patriots (2014 finish - 12-4 Super Bowl XLIX champs) Bye Week 4

QB Tom Brady - Like my review of Drew Brees this guy needs to introduction. He doesn't need under inflated balls to be great, he is just simply the best QB since the new millennium began. Top 3 pick in fantasy without even a hesitation. The only thing that will slow Brady down is if that totally unfair 4 game suspension holds up. It's ridiculous that this deflate-gate mess isn't resolved by now. ESPN fantasy ranking have Brady at #10 but I feel like that is based on the impending suspension. He was the 10th ranked passer in 2014 with 4,109 yds with 33 TD's to only 9 picks. For my money Brady is still top 3 until he can't produce any more.

RB LeGarrette Blount - New England got Blount back into the fold in November of last season after he was released by the Steelers. All Blount did was solidify the RB spot for the Patriots and help them win yet another Super Bowl. His final stats for 2014 are not all that great. The Patriots have employed a running back by committee approach ever since Cory Dillion left the Pats after the 2006 season. Blount gained just 547 yds with only 5 TD's in 2014. ESPN has him ranked as the 28th ranked RB in fantasy. He is a tough inside runner with some speed. He could be a 1000 yard rusher if NE would feature him a la the Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch. Later round fantasy pick for sure that is even more so since he will be suspended for the 1st game of the season for violating the substance abuse policy with Le'Veon Bell prior to last season.

WR Julian Edelman - Edelman was the guy that allowed NE to let Wes Welker go. He has been solid if not spectacular in fantasy terms. Like the Saints' Drew Brees, Tom Brady doesn't care who he throws the ball to as long as the receiver is open. It's long been established that you don't really count on a Patriot receiver in fantasy, RB either. The Pats just are real good at spreading the ball around. In 2014 Edelman was the 25th ranked WR with 971 yds and 4 TDs. He was not the #1 receiver on the team. That honor went to ..................

TE Rob Gronkowski - Gronk is Brady's go-to guy when he's not injured. In 2014 Gronk was the 15th ranked receiver in the NFL with 1124 yds and 12 TDs. ESPN has him ranked as the #1 TE in fantasy. Picking this guy ahead of most WRs is not a bad move. He's no 1st round pick but don't sleep too long on him or he will be gone in most fantasy drafts.


Buffalo Bills (2014 finish - 9-7) Bye Week 8

QB ?????? - The starter for the Bills is still up in the air with Rex Ryan starting his third QB in as many preseason games. This week's guy is the incumbent starter EJ Manuel. The Bills are making it clear just because Manuel is starting the "rehearsal game" this weekend that he is not necessarily going to be the Week 1 starter. If you are looking here for a fantasy QB you, my friend, are in deep sh*t.

WR Sammy Watkins - Watkins has a really nice rookie season with EJ Manuel under center most of the season. He is definitely one of the guys who was worth all the hype coming out of college prior to the 2014 draft. He has size and speed and great hands. His only handicap is his QB. Middle round player in fantasy who would be a lot higher if he had a decent QB throwing the ball. In 2014 he gained 982 yds with 6 TDs. If Matt Cassel is QB he may stand a chance to do some good in fantasy but probably not. As it is he's a WR3 in fantasy. ESPN has him ranked as 17th of all the WRs.

TE Charles Clay - ESPN has him ranked as the 22nd best TE in fantasy. This is also likely because of a weakness at QB. Rex Ryan is no friend to the offense so it's all on the Bills OC Greg Roman to make as much of a silk purse as he can out of a sow's ear of QB options he's got to work with. The good thing is Roman has worked for good people including Jim Harbaugh both at Stanford and the 49ers.


Miami Dolphins (2014 finish - 8-8) Bye Week 5

QB Ryan Tannehill - Tannehill is pretty good. He is beginning his 4th season in the NFL. He is steady with the ability to be spectacular at times. He has a no-nonsense coach in Joe Philbin and the Dolphins have been getting better through the draft since Philbin arrived. In 2014 Tannehill passed for 4045 yds and 27 TDs making him the 11th best QB last season. ESPN has him ranked at the 11th best option at QB in fantasy. Solid pick in middle rounds.

RB Lamar Miller - Miller is the leading candidate going into the season but he had better watch out for rookie out of The U Jay Ajaye. Miller has looked good in limited action so far in preseason. In 2014 Miller had 1099 yds rushing with 8 TDs and he's also active in the passing game. ESPN has Miller ranked #13 among RBs. I would not be surprised if Ajaye didn't steal some touches though.

WR DeVonte Parker - Ranked as the 47th best WR by ESPN should tell you about drafting a receiver from Miami in fantasy. Parker was the 14th pick in this year's draft so a first round draft choice isn't always a guarantee the player will do well. At least that's the history of WRs in the NFL. But, guys like Sammy Watkins and Kelvin Benjamin and Odell Beckham Jr proved that a rookie can be good in the NFL. Make no mistake, he's the bell cow WR with Mike Wallace taking his talents elsewhere this year. Mid to late round pick in fantasy. I also need to mention that Miami now has former Saint Kenny Stills on the roster. You may want to take a chance on him instead of Parker.

TE Jordan Cameron - Yep, the same JC that was so good in Cleveland has moved on to the Dolphins. This is a good move for him IMO because the situation in Miami is so much better than Cleveland right now and Cameron is a heckuva talent. He's had some injury issues but if he can stay healthy he should be a favorite target of Tannehill's this season. He's had 3 concussions in the last 2 seasons but if he can stay healthy he should make his 2nd Pro Bowl and the first since 2013. ESPN has him ranked as the 7th best fantasy TE.


New York Jets (2014 finish - 4-12) Bye Week 5

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick - Fitz is good and if given half a chance can be a little better than good. His play in Houston last year was uneven causing him to be benched. Returned a couple of weeks later and played his best football before a severe injury ended his season. If Fitz has another mediocre year I wouldn't be surprised to see Bryce Petty get a shot at the job. I like Petty and I think he should be considered the future of the Jets at QB. Geno Smith is a joke and I wouldn't waste my time on the guy any more. For what it's worth ESPN ranks Fitz as the 27th ranked passer.

RB Chris Ivory - Leaving New Orleans was the worst thing that has happened to Ivory for no other reason than he just went to a bad team so he could start. You could take a chance on Ivory in the late rounds of the draft but with 4 decent RB's on the roster this could be RB by committee. ESPN ranks him #30 on their fantasy rankings.

WR Brandon Marshall - Fresh off his stay in South Beach Marshall vows this is his last stop in the NFL. Of all the crap news coming out of the Jets camp this summer Marshall has at least been a good man in the community with his charity work. We'll see how he can help the Jets get better than the 4 wins they had last year. ESPN ranks Marshall as the 25th best fantasy receiver.

TE Jace Amaro - What can I say. Another low ranked player in fantasy by ESPN (#27 TE). As with the Bills the low ranking of some of these players has everything to do with who is the QB. I actually think the Jets with Fitz is in better shape than the Bills with any of their options.



Predicted finish in 2015

1. New England

2. Miami

3. New York Jets - This is my sleeper pick here. I'm picking them ahead of the Bills because I hate the Bills' QBs.

4. Buffalo Bills - Rex will ground and pound but he has nobody worth talking about throwing the rock.

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Let’s talk about the AFC South. This will be brief we are just hitting the drafting high points for now.


Jacksonville Jaguars the Beasts are building it the right way.

I watched a NFL true stories the other day about Jimmy Smith and Keenen McCardell. I completely forgot they had one of the most feared passing games there for a while. Looks like they are headed back that way. Let’s take a look.


Blake Bortles, Bye: 8.

Preseason Highlights - Blake Bortles went 20-of-29 for 245 yards and a touchdown to go along with four scrambles for 38 rushing yards in two-and-a-half quarters of action versus Detroit. He was every bit as good as those numbers indicate, which is not surprising at all. Offensive coordinator Greg Olson has turned water into wine before in terms of coaching up lesser quarterbacks, yet now he has a true talent in Bortles, who made only a couple of bad throws in this game. Bortles projects to be a solid QB2 with upside because of his rushing ability.

Blake Bortles regressed in 2014, thanks to some poor coaching, but he'll have Greg Olson as his coordinator this year. Olson once made Josh Freeman into a Pro Bowl quarterback before Freeman melted down because of personal issues. Olson should be able to get the most out of Bortles, whose rushing ability at least puts him on the fantasy radar.


T.J. Yeldon, RB, Bye: 8.

Preseason: Yeldon has been on the active-PUP list since training camp began. However, he's close to coming off of it; he's been sprinting and cutting well in practice. He should be good to go for the season opener. He is a power back that will work well with D. Robinson. Make no mistake this young man is not T-rich.

It's not a question of Melvin Gordon versus Todd Gurley for re-draft leagues; it's T.J. Yeldon versus Gurley. The latter may not be ready for the opener, so Yeldon is the safer option. He should be productive, as Jacksonville made several improvements to its offensive line.



Allen Robinson, WR, Jaguars. Bye: 8.

Preseason: UPDATE: Allen Robinson led the Jaguars in receiving yardage (64) off three catches at New York. He was also targeted a team-high seven times. Robinson looked good at times, and though he committed an awful drop in the red zone, it appears as though he's poised to have a big 2015 campaign.

I own this young man in every one of my leagues. His ADP is crazy for the value you are getting. Jags are an offense on the rise. I've been high on Allen Robinson this offseason, and I'm now willing to give him another up arrow. A trusted league source of ours has told us that Robinson is on track to be a "special" player. With Blake Bortles projected to improve in a new offensive system, Robinson will benefit, and his natural ability will bolster his numbers.

Preseason: Allen Robinson has reportedly been outstanding at Jaguars' OTAs. Robinson was routinely logging five receptions per game before suffering a season-ending foot injury in Week 10 during his rookie campaign, so this isn't coming out of nowhere. With Blake Bortles expected to take a big leap forward now that mastermind offensive coordinator Greg Olson is tutoring him, Robinson could be in for a big season. He's definitely a sleeper to target.

Allen Robinson was catching 4-5 passes every single game (at the very least) before breaking his foot in November. He'll return as one of Jacksonville's starting receiver. He has some PPR potential.



Tennessee Titans are still going to be bottom… but you don’t need wins to make points in Fantasy.


Marcus Mariota Bye: 4

If Mariota can buoy his game with some rushing yards and touchdowns, his fantasy value will catapult. Unfortunately though, the Titans aren't on the verge of a breakthrough, so his ceiling is capped by a team without much firepower. I still see a lot of upside with this QB. The fact is I see more upside in him than I do Winston.


Bishop Sankey Bye: 4.

AUG. 24 UPDATE: I don't know what happened to the old Bishop Sankey, but someone kidnapped him and replaced him with a pod person who has much more talent. Sankey was awesome in the second preseason game, tallying 45 yards on just six carries. He started by breaking numerous tackles on a 19-yard gain, and there were a couple of other plays in which he was able to shed defenders. David Cobb has been getting a ton of hype lately, but Sankey made a huge statement against the Rams.

That being said he will be on a short leash. Bishop Sankey was a big disappointment as a rookie. The Titans will probably give him another chance next year, but he probably won't be anything better than an RB3. It's possible that he could lose his job to fifth-round rookie David Cobb. These are factors that a young man can use to motivate change in his life. The ADP bonus to this is a 7th round pick for a starting RB.


Delanie Walker, TE, Bye: 4.

The simple fact of the matter is a rookie QB’s best friend is a TE. Delanie Walker predictably had a terrific year under Ken Whisenhunt, shattering his career-high figures. He caught 63 passes for 890 yards, but only scored four touchdowns. The latter number should increase now that Marcus Mariota is on the roster.



Houston Texans are getting closer each year. I love how this team is building the right way!!!


Brian Hoyer, QB Bye: 9.

Brian Hoyer is the favorite to start for the Texans, he is a wait and see on how much fantasy option he really bring to the table. I do like the fact that he throws vertical and has a level head.


Alfred Blue, RB Bye: 9.

While Hoyer was just named the starter this week, Alfred Blue was able to distance himself from the other Houston running backs in the preseason opener. Blue tallied 59 yards on nine carries, with several of his runs being very impressive. He had a 14-yarder in which he made a great cut and exploded through an open lane. Blue also had a 32-yard burst. Granted, he had some great blocking helping him, but he looked pretty good. Blue I a big pounding back and will get a lot of the goal line runs, but be aware Chris Polk can step in and be a vulture we will have to watch and see.


SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Who could have seen this coming???


DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Bye: 9.

DeAndre Hopkins is a beast. He was trending on Twitter for a couple of hours, and for good reason. The catch he made in the end zone on the opening drive against the Saints was a thing of beauty, as he reached out and snatched a ball that was far away from his body, all while being dragged down by the defender, who was flagged for pass interference. The officials reviewed the play, but ruled that he didn't catch it. They were incorrect, and it's a shame that incompetence had to ruin a tremendous play. Hopkins, who finished with one reception for 29 yards in very limited action, is poised to have a monstrous season.

AUG. 7 UPDATE: I'm moving DeAndre Hopkins today. I forgot to take him into account in relation to the Arian Foster injury. With Foster out, the Texans will have to throw more, meaning Hopkins will get more targets.

DeAndre Hopkins has quietly done everything he has been asked to do with Dre moving on. The most important part is he did it with his mouth shut. All action guys all action.


What can I say about the Indianapolis Colts, Class of the AFC and Champs of the AFC south for another Year.


Andrew Luck. Bye: 10.

I think that Luck is the best QB in fantasy. He gives you a dual threat bang for your buck and his WR are off the chart. Andrew Luck emerged as one of the top fantasy quarterbacks this past season. He threw for 4,761 yards and scored 43 touchdowns (40 passing, 3 rushing), and he's only going to get better as he and his young weapons develop together. Luck probably should be the first quarterback off the board.


Frank Gore. Bye: 8.

Frank Gore is now 32, but he'll have a starting job next season because he rushed for 1,106 yards in 2014. Gore could be in position to score plenty of touchdowns in Andrew Luck's offense. I bet against Gore every year and get burned. This year he is in a true supporting role and should be an excellent RB2. I have him as a fifth round ADP. Don’t reach this is a stretch the field passing offense where the WR’s excel.


T.Y. Hilton. Bye: 10.

This young man is the straw stirring the drink when it comes to deep threats T.Y. Hilton has made great strides each year. His third season saw him catch 82 balls for 1,345 yards and seven touchdowns. There's no reason to expect him to decline in 2015, as he and Andrew Luck are growing together. Hilton's touchdown number figures to increase as Indianapolis' offense becomes more consistent.


BONUS DYNASTY – Phillip Dorsett

The Key to remember with Dorsett is he was drafted to replace Hilton if a deal could not get done. This young man had a mixed performance in the preseason opener, though I'd say it was positive overall in terms of his fantasy outlook. Dorsett, who caught four passes for 51 yards, was involved early, as Andrew Luck targeted him three times during the first two possessions. He struggled a bit with the backups though, as he ran a bad route and then lost a fumble. However, the Colts like Dorsett and plan to use him often, making him a viable fantasy option this season.

Indianapolis has a crowded group at receiver, so Phillip Dorsett won't be able to do much as a rookie. He's a much better option in dynasty leagues, as he may eventually start in an offense in which Andrew Luck is throwing the football to him. He has a ton of upside as a consequence.

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