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2015 BigRedInsider Pick'em Contest Rules


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Alright I want to do things a little differently this year. I felt like last year some people lost interest after they missed a couple weeks and got behind with no way to catch up. So, in an attempt to reduce the penalty for missing a week, I've altered the scoring for this year. Instead of the basic W-L set up I've created a point system that is explained below. With that being said, here are all of the rules for the 2015 season.


1.) There will be 15 games to pick each week.


2.) Contest will last until the end of the FBS regular season.


3.) All games will be Saturdays with kickoff at 11 AM CST or later. Thread will be locked at 11 AM so picks must be in before then. (Note: Thanksgiving Week games will be an exception to allow for potential key Thursday and Friday games to be included.)


4.) All applicable games involving Southland Conference teams will be included.


5.) The remaining games will be selected based off a mix of the following:


a.) Games of regional interest (i.e. Texas, Baylor, A&M etc.). However, games against "cupcakes" will not be used unless it is against a SLC team.


b.) Games of national interest (i.e. ranked vs ranked teams, rivalry games, etc.).


c.) At least 1 game from each of the "Power 5" conferences if possible.


6.) The 15th game each week will be the "Game Of The Week" with a score prediction required.


7.) Lamar will always be the Game Of The Week so long as they meet the Saturday 11 AM CST kickoff requirement. If not, then another game at random will be chosen for this place.


8.) Scoring will be calculated as follows:


a.) Receive 1 point for each game picked correctly.


b.) Receive 1 bonus point for SLC games picked correctly. (Note: these are only SLC team vs SLC team match ups)


c.) Receive 1 bonus point for picking the Game Of The Week correctly.


d.) Receive 15 bonus points for picking correct score to the Game Of The Week.


e.) Receive 1 bonus point for picking the most games correctly for the week. If there is a tie at the top each person receives 1 point.


f.) Receive 5 bonus points for picking all 15 games correctly (Note: You do not have to predict the GOTW score correctly to earn this).


9.) Picks need to be clearly marked in 1 of 3 ways


a.) Listing your winning pick alone (Lamar)

b.) Bolding your winning pick (Bacone vs Lamar)

c.) Underlining your wipick (Bacone vs Lamar )


10.) Game Of The Week picks must include scores from both teams in one of the following formats:


a.) Lamar 56-3

b.) Bacone 3 vs Lamar 56

c.) Bacone 3 vs Lamar 56

d.) Bacone 3 vs Lamar 56


Note: In your GOTW pick, if you bold or underline a team, the score must match that prediction or it will automatically be wrong.


11.) Common school abbreviations will be accepted as long as it is clear who the pick is.


12.) If the pick is unclear it will be counted wrong.


13.) If a game is skipped it will be counted wrong.


14.) If for any reason 1 of the 15 selected games is cancelled, or ruled that 1 team must forfeit, the game will not be counted that week and 1 extra game will be added to the following week. If said game is the GOTW, there will be 2 GOTW the following week.


15.) If 1 of the 15 selected games is rescheduled, game will not be counted and an extra game will be added to the following week. Once game is rescheduled and if it is selected as a game for the new week, the previous selection is void and game must be picked again. If rescheduled game was set to be GOTW, there will be 2 GOTW the following week.


16.) Standings will typically be updated before the following weeks games. PM me if there is a question about your score so I can double check and correct it if I made a mistake.


Hopefully these rules all make sense. If not just ask. The change in scoring should somewhat lessen the penalty for a missed week by allowing you a shot having a really good week but it would be great to have a lot of season long participants.

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