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Art Briles Weekly Press Conference


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I realize he probably meant FBS instead of D-I, but I guess someone needs to let him know that the Cardinals have been D-I since 1975. :) The way things were going back then, I thought (or at least hoped with good reason) that we would be FBS by now since 2015 was the goal back then.


Even so, if Baylor wins, the game counts in the minimum games won against "deserving opponents" requirement for their post-season participation minimums as long as we have averaged at least 90% of our permissible grants-in-aid over a rolling two year period (2015-16 NCAA Division I Manual because we are an NCAA Division I (FCS) team.


We also count toward meeting their FBS scheduling requirement (2015-16 NCAA Division I Manual whether they win or not since we are the only FCS team on their schedule this season because we are an NCAA Division I (FCS) team.

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Will Lamar coaches & players fight Baylor to win like Bacone game OR bow down and take the $$$ and run, and be happy......If Lamar football is trying to be champions, every game your visions clearly is to Win only, no matter who you play. A winner never thinks about losing, just winning. A loser thinks about losing before the game starts with the score still at 0-0.
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