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Instant Reactions - Sam Houston


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Little late with this as I had to record the game and just got finished watching it.


• First and foremost what a freaking game by the Offensive Line. Holy hell that was fantastic. A couple of miscues that need to be ironed out but as far as putting a hat on a hat they played lights out.


• Kade Harrington with a fantastic game and I'm glad to see him involved more in the passing game.


• Carl Harris is playing with his hair on fire...and I love it.


• Earp looks very poised all game.


• Shawn Jones played his ass off. Couple of mistakes early but finished strong.


• Defensive performance was is that much better when you consider what was missing in the form of Tebo and Miles


• Rodney Randle will have a KO return TD before the season is over.


• The penalties HAVE to be addressed.

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Tackling was still a problem, it did get better later in the game. Our guys have got learn to rap up and not just throw their bodies at guys.


Thought I had put that in there but I guess not...but yes it is still an issue. Next game is against SELA whose QB is much like Johnson...so far this year he has looked to be their entire offense. We have to work on being disciplined and making sure tackles

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For those that were around during the Berry vs Mosskowski era you can see the effects of the QB platoon that Sam had. Lamar was in a similar situation in 2012 and it really hurt our offense. That is why I wasn't a particular fan of us doing it this season but was glad the said they would decide before this game...the Minden injury just made it plain and simple.
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