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Okay, I can't stand it any longer. How in God's name can Hilary Clinton be a candidate for President when she is so not qualified to lead the United States of America. At worst she is a conniving dragon lady who is ruthless and dangerous and will sell out the USA for votes. At best she is just simply incompetent and her record as Secretary of State should be evidence enough of that.

Recently Donald Trump flat called her a liar and a crook and a person who shouldn't be running for President of the United States because she should cooling her heels in jail for the crimes she's committed. I completely agree with Trump. If you are tired of business as usual in Washington then you don't want Hilary as President. The saving grace of Trump is he isn't a politician, he's a businessman. A successful businessman and maybe that is just what this country needs. Somebody who understands a budget and knows how to streamline a business which, when you get right down to it, is what the US government is. This country has worked too long under boondoggles and bad deals and ridiculous rules and regulations that seem to be meant only for frustrating the people in the hope they give up their claim or their business. Hilary wants to welcome illegal aliens to the USA and shower them with food, clothing, shelter and jobs using money you and I pay in taxes. She wants to give these people all this even though they haven't earned one cent of that government assistance. All the while we all wonder IF we will be able to collect social security that we all have earned during the course of our lives. As it is, to collect full benefits you have to be 66 years old. Do you want to work until you're 66? I don't but if I had to depend on a SS checks in my retirement that's what I'd have to do.

I have no great love for Trump but he is definitely a better choice than the dragon lady. No offense to Mr Trump but a big steaming pile of dung on a table would be a better choice than Hilary.

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