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Your favorite football Cardinal


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Maybe, we shouldn't be talking favorites because there were so many, that played well, and deserve recognition. There are some, who I would like to mention, but I can't remember their names or numbers, like the center and the two guards, who obviously played well, because Lamar nearly led the conference, in rushing. Here are my favorites. I generally like to watch the OL, so I will start there.My favorite Cardinal was actually my favorite cardinals, plural tense. When Harrington had his big year, He had two very good tackles playing in front of him. This past year, the tackles were #77, Hayden Kaaiohelo,and #79, Aires Gilmore-Gardner. Hayden just looks solid and that he was born to play left tackle. Aires is a really big guy, who, when he would pull to the left, must have looked like a moving business decision, to some DB, with Sunday aspirations. The pass down the middle of the field was also one of my favorite plays because of # 82, Mason Sikes an #89, Case Robinson. Sikes looked like an rhino, who wasn't interested, where the sideline boundary was and, with Robinson, the kid was just going to make plays. I liked #7, Darrel Colbert. I gave that kid grief but he hung in there and he never stopped trying to make a play for his team. I'll always remember and I'm sure the Calcasieu Cowbells will too, that long pass completion that set up the winning touchdown and sent the Cardinals to the FCS. Jordan Hoy, #8, makes the list. The kid is quick, he's fast, he can throw, he can score from anywhere ,on the field, and, most importantly, he's back next year. On the defensive side, there were a lot of players that I liked and then there were players, who I liked, but were also head knockers. I don't have their names or numbers but they know,who I am talking about.

Next year is going to be a good year. I'm sure the list will be much longer.

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