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LU tearing down concrete plant by soccer field


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Something I've been waiting on for years....


Lamar University has added more than 13 acres acquiring two parcels of land for immediate beautification and future growth.


In December, LU finalized the purchase of the Martin Marietta Concrete Plant located just east of the main campus entrance at 1250 E. Florida Ave. Since that time the plant, a supplier of building materials including aggregates, cement, ready mixed concrete and asphalt, has leased the 11.4844-acre space back from LU but will completely vacate the property by April 30. More recently, LU purchased McLeod Machine Works, located directly across from the LU campus at 4717 S. M L King Jr Pkwy. The property located next to LU’s Athletic Complex, is 1.783 acres with three structures.


“We’re making these acquisitions to enhance the campus community today and for future expansion,” said Craig Ness, vice president for finance and operations.


The acquisition of the concrete plant allows LU to move forward with plans to officially make the campus’ front door the intersection of East Cardinal Drive and Rolfe Christopher Drive. According to Ness, by spring of 2020, the Martin Marietta property will be converted into green space used for club sports or intramurals. The conversion of the concrete plant property is just one piece of a bigger plan to create a more welcoming entrance. The university has just approved an architectural plan for a 6,000-sq. ft. welcome center to be built on the south-west side of Rolfe Christopher Drive where it intersects with Jim Gilligan Way.



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