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I don't where to put this so I'll just start another thread


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These basketball trivia questions gave me a couple of flash memories, back to my Lamar time, of the early 70's. One was at Halftime of a Centenary vs Lamar game, that was played at the old McDonald Gym. I was sitting on the bottom row and next to the tunnel leading to the dressing rooms. Robert Parish walked by. The 7'0, future NBA multi champion and Hall of Famer, Robert Parish, walked by not 3 feet away and he was one scary looking dude. Yeah, he made such an impression, that to this day, I can still see his pissed off looking face. Another memory was, of the 1972-73 battle between Bill Walton, of Mr UCLA and NCAA all Everything fame, vs Elton Hayes, for the FG% made title. I think that it went down to the last week or so before Walton won it. That's it, that's all I have, Thank You.
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Good story, thanks for sharing! I like these trivia questions for the same reason of looking back at our great history.


Another great game was number 1 ranked DePaul with Mark Aguirre and Terry Cummings vs Lamar. The Cardinals lost by two points, 59 to 61.



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