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College Football Ranking Composite


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College Football Ranking Composite

Sunday, September 5, 2021 (12 Rankings)



4 - Sam Houston State

18 - Jacksonville State

35 - Central Arkansas

44 - SFA

54 - Eastern Kentucky

71 - Tarleton State

96 - ACU

97 - Lamar


vs SLC


15 - SE Lousisiana

27 - Nicholls

58 - Incarnate Word

64 - McNeese

92- NW State

95 - HBU



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Ranking: #97

Likelihood of winning tonight: 12% (yet we did it)

09/25 - Abilene Christian (45% chance of winning)

10/09 - @ Sam Houston St. (8% chance of winning)

10/16 - @ Abilene Christian (35% chance of winning)

10/23 - vs. Central Arkansas (32% chance of winning)

10/31 - @ Eastern Kentucky (29% chance of winning)

11/06 - @ Tarleton St. (42% chance of winning)

11/13 - Jacksonville St. (34% chance of winning)

11/20 - Stephen F Austin (27% chance of winning)


If we can win with the computers saying we have a 12% chance, I'll take our punchers chance in these games.

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Again, prior to this week's games... among the AQ7 teams and Tarleton...


4: Sam Houston State

15: Jacksonville State

29: Central Arkansas

36: Stephen F Austin

54: Eastern Kentucky

72: Tarleton State

79: Abilene Christian

103: Lamar

108: Dixie State


Note: Northern Colorado was #53 prior to this week, so I'd assume our ranking will increase (road win against a higher-ranked team).

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Update to the composite rankings for the AQ7 & Tarleton State:

2 - Sam Houston State

19 - Jacksonville State

25 - Stephen F Austin

30 - Central Arkansas

59 - Eastern Kentucky

70 - Abilene Christian

73 - Lamar

78 - Tarleton State

106 - Dixie State


Makes this weekend's game just that much more important. The optimist in me looks at this and says, if we run the table of other games (EKU, ACU, Tarleton, Dixie State), we can make the playoffs even after losing to 2 of the top 4.

But, we don't make the playoff if we:

- don't run the table otherwise

- lose 3 or 4 of the games against the top 4 teams


The North American game doesn't help us (that was a glorified scrimmage and we really need to fill that spot, in the future, with an OOC game against an FCS school).

The UTSA loss doesn't really hurt us (it hurt emotionally, but isn't something that keeps us out of the playoff).

But we have to be 7-2 or better in the games against FCS teams.


It was just 1 win last Saturday, but that's a game I don't believe we win with the 2019 coaching staff on the sideline.

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