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Ok, we were ranked number 350 out of 358 by Massey heading into this game. Certainly we will drop another one or two spots after this. However, I think our strength of schedule will prevent us from achieving the ultimate goal of 358. However, all is not lost. We have no D-1 wins and we are a shoe in to lose all but 1 of the rest of our games. The only thing that could screw up this season is a win over UTRGV in our second to last game. But I have total confidence that we will lose that and achieve THE WORST LAMAR TEAM EVER title! WE GOT THIS. We just have to hope that Brooks does not get injured.
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Ive done the research. I think we can get to the very bottom.


games to watch-


IUPUI vs. Green Bay

Miss Valley vs Arkie- Pine Bluff. (They also have Prairie View at home this week, but they are winless at home)

LU vs Tarelton


i think we have a chance!!!!!


This is GREAT news! I didn't think we had a chance for the very bottom when I posted this!!

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Deleware state stands in our way for the basketball toilet natty championship


They need to beat Morgan St or Coppin St. Only lost by a bucket to both teams earlier.


cmon Hornets!


If basketball can finish dead last in the nation, like our football passing offense, i think we can rank this LU year as the biggest dumpster fire, pile of dung of all time! Throw in volleyball and womens golf. Damn cross country and tennis standing in the way of glory!


its a great time to be a Card!

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