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Lamar learning curve steep for Sims


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The learning never stops for the former Oklahoma State running back.


His greater challenge now is to learn the complex Lamar offense. Sims, a sophomore, said the Lamar learning curve is steeper than at Oklahoma State.


"At Oklahoma State, the quarterback (Brandon) Weeden would tell us what to do," Sims said. "On a pass play, it was 'line up to my left and you'll run a swing route.'


"But here, for each play we have an assignment. We're just like the receivers. We've got to know what everybody else is doing on the field."


Read more: http://www.beaumontenterprise.com/sports/lamar/article/Lamar-learning-curve-steep-for-Sims-3796929.php#ixzz23qy3RTrz

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We were very unorganized last year. Alot of times Bevil would literally have to move the RB into the correct position in the formation, this was while the clock was ticking.


This new offense could be awesome but it's complexity might bite us in the butt too.

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I've seen high school kids handle the move from an overly basic basic offense to a very complex offense in a single off season. Hopefully, the LU offense will be fine. The fact that these players made it to this level means that they should be capable of learning it.
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