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Nicholls State at Lamar Game Thread ** LU Wins 34-24 **


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Lamar Cardinals@LamarCards Kevin Johnson makes an outstanding catch in the back of the endzone for his school record-tying 13th TD of the year. LU leads 7-0.


Christopher Dabe@cmdabe

Lamar leads a Southland game for first time this season. Mossakowski-to-Johnson for 15 yds on 3rd down. Leads Nicholls 7-0.

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Guest Cardinalrule

I like how Nicholls defense hit and tackled nard. Something I think Lamar heeds to work on.


I don't agree. I think we've hit people and have done a good job tackling

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Saw some good, legal hits on both sides.


Saw some plays that I would consider late hits or hits out of bounds, but most of those were on the East side sidelines, and our seats are on the West side. Did see some pretty bad no calls...one where one of our players was kneed in the head after the play and another where our player was shoved well after the play. Thought there might have been some uncalled late hits on the quarterbacks. Pretty sure there was one because the quarterback was still standing and had already passed the ball when I followed the ball downfield. When I looked back QB was on the ground. Probably some going the other way too, but I just see it when it's our guys on the receiving end.

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