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Where do we go from here??


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4 wins with 3 gimmies, really 4 gimmies.

An offense that can't score.

Are we improving?

How many will we win next year?

Are we beating any of the teams we lost to this year next year?

Berry or Moss? does it really matter?

Like to hear your thoughts on where we go from here??

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woodard has got to be on thin ice.team really took a step back this year.we just dont show up for some games.theres no way you should lose to mcneese the way we did.unfortunatley it falls on big ray.i personally believe ray has to compete for the slc crown next year or he's done.i didnt say win but be in the hunt till the end.
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On the QB I think it has to be Moss. I have to say that Berry is one tough young man but is inaccurate on deep passes. If I can see this I know opposing defensive coordinators know this. You can play a single safety and blitz more because the chances of getting burnt deep are slim.

As far as Woodard goes lets see what South Alabama does with their coach. South Alabama is 2 - 9 in their 4th season. With one of their wins coming against Nicholls State. This is the same team that last year many people were saying this is what Lamar should be doing. So if USA does not fire there coach after having a bad season in his 4th year should Lamar?

Georgia State who hired a "Big Name Coach" went 1-10 this season. Their coach has quit on his team and will not return.

UTSA is having a little better season in their second year. With 3 wins against FBS schools and one game left against first year FBS school Texas State.


The bottom line am I happy? No. But I do not see where Lamar is being left behind by the other start up programs.

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ODU is in their 4th year and are a high seed in the FCS playoffs. UTSA is also doing very well in the 2nd year. They did beat McNeese State last week. South Alabama and Georgia State are not doing so well and both will be full blown Sun Belt football members in a year or two.


Woodard made the right moves on the defensive side. We'll see if next year the offensive side improves. Hopefully Moss will have a healthy year and maybe one of the young QBs will step up and play well.


We'll see what kind of recruiting class Woodard brings in this year. There's a few big offensive linemen committed to Lamar, will they sign? I think the whole staff will be given another year to prove themselves.

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List of season ending rankings for Lamar:


Massey Ratings (against D1 opponents)

2012 196

2011 221

2010 201


RealTimeRPI.com (against D1 opponents)

2012 233

2011 225

2010 213


Sagarin Ratings (all games)

2012 206

2011 220

2010 209


RealTimeRPI.com seemed to have the most accurate game predictions this year and it's showing the team getting worse every year.


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