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Redshirt QB Bergeron has transfered!


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Bergeron is the Louisiana all-state QB we recruited last year. This is no surprise, bergeron is a full spread QB and will be headed to a spread team. Bergeron said he saw the writing on the wall when Whitten left and Kueck came in. He said he did what he could to help our defense defend against spread teams and worked with Coach Bradley to help in any way he could. He said coach Woodard fully understood and gave him a full release. Coach told him we will never run a spread with Kueck here so he undestood the transfer. Bergeron said he made some great friends at Lamar, players and coaches and wishes them all the best in the future. He thanked coach for recruiting him and said nothing but good things about our program. Class kid, I wish him the best.
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True, they fired the whole staff. Bergeron's dad tod me that Ray and the coaching staff said some nice things to his new coaches. That shows class on our part. The kid a true spread guy did not fit the pro style we are running. Our recruiting class is shaping up again so time will tell.
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