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Tyran de Lattibeaudiere


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The NCAA pisses me off with their take on eligibility. A guy plays pick up games after work and it's considered league play? Please, NCAA tell me you don't really believe that. Tyran should be allowed to play regardless if it's with Lamar or if he was a guy at any other school. This is total NCAA BS.

I like Tyran's confidence. In the article he is quoted as saying that it's hard to sit on the bench watching games because he knows Lamar would have won games if he was playing. Gotta love that. I'm excited to see him play next season.

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It blows my mind that NCAA had from the time that Tyran signed with Lamar to the start of the seaon to get this issue straighten out, but instead of that Pat, the staff and the player are suffering through another hard season, I think that having Tyran would have improved our fortunes in a big way, I have been a loud critic of the NCAA for years, and this is just another brick in the wall of why there are so many folks that blast the NCAA every chase they get!!!!!!!!! I would not want to say how many games the NCAA's boneheaded move has cost usm but I guarrate our record would be a whole heck of alot better if Tyran was playing!!!!!!!!!!!


Go Cards!!!!!!!!!!!!



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