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Conference Realignment


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While compared to several of the teams mentioned in the posts copied from SBC site as possible additions, Lamar is probably one of the only ones whose football stadium capacity currently meets FBS requirements (not saying that it wouldn't need to be expanded). Personally I don't think any of Lamar's major sports men or women are anywhere near ready to compete in the Sunbelt, though that may be changing more rapidly than I have expected. I really believe there are too many SBC members that were either there before LU left to come back to the SLC or are former SLC teams that will look for any excuse not to invite LU. The SBC will probably remain looked at as the bottom feeder of the FBS and the power five will be looking for a way to get rid of the whole conference. The power five aren't interested in spreading the wealth.
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It is interesting.


By the way, if we decided to be part of the realignment, I figured out a way to expand Provost Umphrey Stadium capacity with minimal additional capital investment until a more expensive solution is needed. :) All we need to do is add the capacity of the north and south end zone berms to the overall nominal stadium capacity (see Missouri Tigers below). The precedent has already been set with other stadiums and berm seating appears to be one of the new trends. That way we could minimize some of the discussion that our stadium doesn't have enough capacity. Below are some examples of football stadiums which are currently reflecting berm seating in the stadium description.


Note: Not all stadiums with berm seating include the berm area in the stated capacity; however, it appears that some like the University of Missouri do. One way to include, but not include berms in the capacity would something like "Stadium capacity of 16,000 excluding berm seating of XX,XXX seats for a total capacity of YY,YYY." On the other hand, we could just list the capacity including berm area and note it as Mizzou does.

McClane Stadium (Baylor Bears) - Notice the "Service Level" (Sections BL1-BL9, BERM Seating) http://www.mclanestadium.com/event/mclane-stadium-tour


Vanderbilt Stadium (Vanderbilt Gents) - hillside seating - only 500 tickets to be sold, but what the heck http://www.vucommodores.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/040512aaa.html


Memorial Stadium/Faurot Field (Missouri Tigers) - "NOTE: Capacity is listed as 71,004 due to seats available on north bowl and temporary bleacher seating." Missouri adds about 10,000 in stadium capacity by counting the berm area. http://www.mutigers.com/facilities/fac-mem-faurot-fb.html

Plaster Sports Complex (Missouri State Bears) - grass berm at north side of the field http://www.missouristatebears.com/facilities/robert-w-plaster-stadium.html


Houchen Industries-L. T. Smith Stadium (WKU Hilltoppers) - Here's a way to sell the berm seating ".... A new berm has been built behind the North end zone, giving Topper fans an opportunity to enjoy the game from a different view. ..." http://www.wkusports.com/facilities/wky-facilities.html#smithstadium


Saluki Stadium (Southern Illinois Salukis) - "...Seating includes 1,080 prime chairback seats as well as spots on the grass berm enclosing the north end zone...." http://www.siusalukis.com/facilities/facilities-stadium.html

Aggie Stadium (UC Davis Aggies) - Family endzone (Berm) - Seating Chart: http://www.ucdavisaggies.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/gameday-seating.html Facilities page: http://www.ucdavisaggies.com/facilities/ucda-facilities.html

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We had some pretty long games also so it's not just an FBS thing.


Grambling 3:47 (our first game with SLC official's replay in regular season games and there were a lot of delays for replay).

SHSU 3:22

SLU 3:13

HBU 3:19

UIW 3:15


Mississippi College and Texas College bring the average down with 2:46 and 2:54 respectively.


The long games aren't isolated to Provost Umphrey. Our away games ran about the same. The fastest game was at Nicholls State at 3:00. Longest was at UCA at 3:51, but that was an overtime game.

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There were several games that watched last season that were lasting 4 1/2 hours. No overtime, just the games. IMO there are way to many media timeouts. But another reason they are lasting so long is because of the up tempo style of offense and that after a first down in College the clock stops. If only 20 seconds are running off the clock between plays and they are converting first downs every second play that is extending the game by 20/30 minuets per team.
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I guess one could look at a longer game meaning more bang for the buck. If a person looked at the price of admittance on a per minute basis, a longer game would have a lower per minute cost. (Joking).


Can't help it. I loved Cost Accounting when in college so ever since those courses, I mentally put everything on a per unit cost basis. :)

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I personally love the uptempo style that has taken over college football...LUSportsFan will like this...by having more plays per game you are getting even more bang per your buck lol.


I do agree the media timeouts get old...the aforementioned tempo makes the media timeouts worse I think because it's GO, GO, GO, STOPPPPP. Would be nice if they had a way to set a limit on how many media timeouts per quarter or something and once they are used then you stay with live action but no one is going to turn away free money from the advertisements.

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