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[Men's Hoops] SHSU @ Lamar - 3/5 at 7:30 pm - PACK THE HOUSE!!!


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from lamarcardinals.com


Lamar Game Noteshttp://grfx.cstv.com/graphics/icon-acrosmall.gif | Sam Houston State Game Noteshttp://grfx.cstv.com/graphics/icon-acrosmall.gif | Video | Audio | Live Stats


The Lamar Cardinals enter Thursday's regular-season finale against Sam Houston State with a winning season on the line. A victory over the second place Sam Houston State Bearkats would assure Lamar (15-14/9-8 SLC) of its first winning season since 2011-12.


For head coach Tic Price, and every underclassmen on 2014-15 roster, they want nothing more than to send their seniors out on a victorious note.


Read more here: http://www.lamarcardinals.com/sports/m-baskbl/spec-rel/030415aaa.html




On a side note...


We need a pretty good turnout to keep this from being the lowest attended season during the Montagne Center era since the 1989-90 season. That year set the mark for lowest season average at the Montagne with an average attendance of 1,629.


Last year was the lowest since that mark was set with an average home attendance of 2,170. With the 2,005 attendance for the Incarnate Word game, the average to date for this season fell to 2,154.


The results on the court this season are a whole lot better than the last two years so it would be a shame to fail to surpass last year's average.

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Solid effort by the Cards. Thanks to the all the Seniors but I really wish Tyran had another year as he didn't get to play last year because of the NCAA. Looking forward to what Lamar can do as a follow up next year. Gregory and Hollis got some minutes this year, hopefully they will improve as much as Ross did. LU will have a good nucleus of guards so if Price gets a quality recruiting class there's no reason to not expect some improvement next year.
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Tyran mentioned tonight after the game that they're going to appeal the NCAA decision and he hopes to be back for another season. I knew that there was some kind of appeal being made about his eligibility, but I figured it had already been denied. Apparently, that is not the case. There's still a glimmer of hope the NCAA might relent.


The concept that a player can actually lose a year of eligibility for playing in what is basically a pick-up industrial league is incredulous, even by the astoundingly arbitrary standards of the NCAA. That said, I'd actually be surprised if Tyran gets his year back, because, well, we're Lamar. To quote the late Jerry Tarkanian.... "the NCAA is so mad at Kentucky, they're going to give Cleveland State another year of probation". You can bet that if a kid in Tyran's situation were playing at a power conference school, he'd have never been suspended for last year, much less lost a year of eligibility over it.


I had a little bit of optimism this year (how can't you after the last two?) given that I felt Knight had mismanaged the talent he had and that several of Tic's recruits looked to be an upgrade. But I am truly impressed with the job Price has done this year, and hope the brass gives him a deserved extension this year--I thought the "best case" scenario for this season was 7-11 or so in conference--maybe a team that could have squeaked into the Southland tournament (had they been eligible). I didn't think .500 was in play.


The players Tic brought in were all contributors, yet he also got a lot out of the guys Knight left behind (Tyran, Holliday); Owens showed quite a bit of development, and he didn't hesitate to shift his starters as players stepped up and learned the system. Booze looked very good for a freshman. Bosha looked solid until injuries derailed his effectiveness. The only conference games that weren't competitive were two against an exceptional SFA team and the road clunker against Sam--a good team--but not as good as we made them look that night. The only really "bad" loss all year was the one on the road against a terrible UTPA team.


I like the recruits Tic is bringing in (I'm particularly happy that he's getting a player from PA to stay; it's been so hard to keep local talent here!) and feel there's a very good chance to see further improvement next year. I think if somehow we can beat the odds and get another year out of Tyran, it could be a very good year indeed, as I see his skill set as being tougher to replace than those of Holliday or Ross.

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This year's team had heart. That goes a long way with me. They played SHSU tough, and were in the game throughout. I look forward to next season. Tic Price has done a fantastic job considering the mess he was left with. I hope that there is more fan support at the games next season. This team deserves it.
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