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KABrother's 2015 Football Preview - Running Backs


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For the 2nd installment of KABrother's 2015 Football Preview we take a look at the Running Back position.


Who We Lost:



Who We Return:

Carl Harris** (Sr)

Mike Handy (Jr)

Kade Harrington* (Jr)

Emmitt Raleigh (Jr)

Cody Dupuy (So)


Who We Added:

Luis Lopez (Jr)

Keegan Mitchell (Fr)

Derrion Randle (Fr)


What We Know:

Kade Harrington picked up right were he left off after his unexpected, standout freshman season. Had he not been sidelined for 3 games early in the season, he probably would have surpassed many of the numbers he put up in 2013. Carl Harris served as a nice compliment to Harrington and serviceable replacement while Harrington was out, but had a tendency to put the ball on the turf. Emmitt Raleigh has shown flashes but has had problems staying healthy. Mike Handy saw some time at RB in 2014 after playing WR and came out of spring listed as second string RB.


What To Watch For:

Luis Lopez will add a bowling ball presence to the back field that could become a valuable weapon in short yardage situations. Derrion Randle will arrive in the summer and if his knee is right (tore his ACL at the end of the regular season in 2014) I can see him making his presence felt. He's a burner that has size to play right away. Mitchell is a guy who will have to rely on his quickness but would greatly benefit from a RS. I'm very interested in seeing how new OC Chuck Langston runs the offense. It's been stated that he will run the same offense as coach Kueck ran but it remains to be seen in a game setting other than the Crawfish Bowl where both offenses struggled in poor conditions.


What I Expect:

Kade Harrington is really the unquestioned feature back and deservedly so. With Handy being moved to RB full-time from WR, and jumping Harris in the 2-deep, I'm expecting to see the RB position continue to be a focal point of the passing game and even more so as a safety valve while breaking in a new QB.


Week 1 My Prediction:

1 - Harrington

2 - Handy




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I agree with your assessment of Harrington and Handy being the preseason Nos 1 and 2. I really hope they red shirt Luis Lopez. I would rather him be completely healthy WITH a year in the weight room. It doesn't appear we need to rush him back into the lineup even though we could use a burner in the backfield. There are a lot of unknowns on the roster especially at QB so there is no need to rush him back.
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You might have Luis Lopez and Derrion Randle mixed up there EE. Highly doubt Lopez will RS. Transferred from JC and is already built like a rock. If you are meaning Randle then I absolutly agree with you that I would love to see him RS. I think we have the depth to do it and if he's not 100% recovered that's what I feel SHOULD happen. That being said this kid is the real deal and could force his way into playing time a la 2013 Kade Harrington.
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More on Luis Lopez:


Lopez signed a national letter of intent to play for Lamar this summer. After a summer of college classes and working out three times a day, Lopez is set to report to Lamar in Beaumont in August. He’ll also receive a two-year degree from Trinity Valley.


Lopez was one of the most elusive running backs in Texas as a senior in 2012. Helped the Vaqueros to an undefeated run to a district championship that season and earned all-state honors.

Lopez had a stellar season with Trinity Valley in 2014. Through 12 games, Lopez rushed for 1,240 yards and 18 touchdowns on 153 carries. His average of more than eight yard a carry was second in the nation in junior college football.


San Diego High School coach Bo Ochoa, whose become Lopez’s mentor, said his one-time star running back may not be slated to start for Lamar going into the preseason, but he’s more than capable of making an impact immediately.


“He’s going in as their No. 2 back,” Ochoa said. “The thing about Luis is that he has football savvy. He can pick up an offense or learn a playbook very quickly. He now offenses. He’ll be ready when they need him.”




This might allow Handy to play some at WR where they seem to be a little thin.

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