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KABrother's 2015 Football Preview - Offensive Line


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If it was fitting to start the 2015 Football Preview with the Quarterbacks, it's also fitting to end the offensive positions with the Offensive Line because to me our offensive success will begin and end with these 2 groups.



* represents player was a starter at the end of 2014.


** represents player was 2nd team at the end of 2014.


Letter in ( ) represents what eligibility player will/would have had starting the season with "E" being exhausted eligibility.


Who We Lost:

Chance McCormack* (E)

Tramon Shead* (E)

Chance Allen** (So)

Seth Blendermann (R-Fr)


Who We Return:

Justin Brock* (Sr)

Richard Alfonso (Jr)

John Craven* (Jr)

Bret Treadway* (Jr)

Kevin Greif** (So)

Hunter Rising (So)

Connor Ward** (So)

Chase Woods** (So)

Barrett Myers (R-Fr)

Blaine Myers (R-Fr)


Who We Added:

Cody Elenz (Sr)

Dante Catteano (Jr)

Matt Oubre (So)

Jesse Brewster (Fr)

Ethan Cothen (Fr)

Joseph Gonzales (Fr)

Hayden Ka'aiohelo (Fr)

Corey Nance (Fr)


What We Know:

If you asked me prior to spring practices how our OL would look I would have probably said pretty solid but still thin depth wise. However, during the spring, two Tackle prospects in Allen and Blendermann left the team making quality and quantity both issues. Sr Justin Brock is back for his final year as a Card and brings a lot of experience having started 30 games over the last 3 seasons. Jr Bret Treadway has started all 24 games at RG the past 2 seasons, however, he is coming off of offseason hip surgery. Jr John Craven has amassed 18 starts (17 at LG and 1 at C) over the past 2 years. ULM transfer Matt Oubre is in line to take over the vacated Center position after playing there this spring.


What To Watch For:

Cody Elenz recently transferred from Idaho for his final season of eligibility. He started his first 20 games after a RS season but was injured in 2013 and only played sparingly in 2014. He was listed as the starting LT this summer having not even been through a practice. JUCO T/G Dante Catteano comes in but from what I've gathered it looks like he was out of football last season. If that's the case, he may need a bit of a re-acclimation period. Of the incoming freshman OL I think Brewster & Nance at Tackles all the way. Cothen, Gonzales & Ka'aiohelo could probably play T or G


What To Expect:

With Treadway, Craven, Ward & Oubre, I'm very comfortable how the 3 interior spots could be mixed and matched if someone goes down. Tackle position may be a little different story. Right now from the latest 2-deep, our #2 at LT is moving from #2 at RG and out #2 at RT is moving from #2 C. Ideally you'd always like to RS all of your incoming freshman OL but I'm not sure if I see it this year. We signed enough for some to RS but some may be needed. Nance probably benefits the most having played at a low HS level and needing to fill out the most. Ka'aiohelo is coming off a knee surgery so he's a good RS candidate as well for extra rehab.


My Week 1 Prediction:


1 - Elenz

2 - Woods


1 - Craven

2 - Ward


1 - Oubre

2 - Craven


1 - Treadway

2 - Ward


1 - Brock

2 - Woods





Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

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Treadway should be fine. He had the same surgery on other hip, before last season, and performed well . I know Craven also had surgery, not sure what the status is on him. The starters should be pretty solid, I too am a little concerned about the depth. Last year we were really lucky that the starters pretty much made it through season fairly healthy.
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This is the one position where it would interesting to see the height and weight of these guys. Do we have good size coming into the program? That was one thing that was encouraging last year is that we got bigger on the offensive and defensive lines. Now, I'm curious to see the D-line preview.
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I remember the days when we would bring in guys who were 6'2" or 6'3" and 250 lbs and were we're beyond excited. Absolutely nothing wrong with that because if they develop, then those initial numbers mean nothing. Prime example is Bret Treadway who I believe was listed at 6'3" 250 coming out of HS and look at him...after a RS he's started every game at RG. The last 2 HS classes have consisted of 6'4" 310, 6'3" 285, 6'4" 315, 6'7" 285, 6'4" 280, 6'4" 285, 6'7" 275, & 6'5" 285. In years past if we signed anyone this size it was typically a transfer who was already a So or Jr. If these guys can develop (and potentially RS as many as possible) then the OL should be a very good one for the next few years.
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I think the last few recruiting classes have sort of spoiled us because the players are so much bigger coming out of HS. Certainly weight isn't the only criteria for a player to be good but the teams we face are all big. It just took us a little while to catch up!
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After the final horn had sounded on the 2014 season, there was a lot of excitement entering 2015. The Cards would be returning three of five starters from a year ago, to go along with six high school standouts added to the roster on signing day.


That excitement took a bit of a hit when one of the returning starters, John Craven, suffered an offseason injury knocking him out of fall camp. The disappointment of losing Craven, was slightly offset by the addition of transfers Matthew Oubre and Cody Elenz. Alongside senior Justin Brock and junior Bret Treadway, the Cardinals have a strong nucleus entering 2015.


The 2015 season will mark the third-straight year the Cardinals have gone with a different player at center. Langston hopes he has found his center for the next three seasons in Matthew Oubre. A 6-1, 290-pound transfer from Louisiana-Monroe, Oubre will have three seasons of eligibility remaining with the Cardinals, while Elenz (6-4, 290), who is expected to lockdown the starting role at left tackle, comes to Beaumont after spending two seasons at the University of Idaho.


Another youngster expected to join that group as a starter is a talented member from the 2014 signing class,Connor Ward. A 6-3, 300-pound sophomore from Bryan, Texas, Ward was able to fight his way into some playing time last season despite his freshman status.



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Found out today Craven's injury could possibly be a season ender. Was told he wouldn't be available until the end of September at the earliest and if it looks like it will be longer than that he could use his RS this year. Connor Ward is the next man up on the depth chart. Good size and saw some action last season so hopefully there isn't much drop off.
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