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KABrother's 2015 Football Preview - Defensive Line


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Today we lead off the defensive group with Carey Bailey's Defensive Line.



* represents player was a starter at the end of 2014.


** represents player was 2nd team at the end of 2014.


Letter in ( ) represents what eligibility player will/would have had starting the season with "E" being exhausted eligibility.


Who We Lost:

Joe Okafor* (E)

Keith Curran* (E)


Who We Return:

Josh Frost** (Sr)

David Hollyfield (Sr)

Corbin Carr** (Jr)

Koby Couron** (Jr)

Omar Tebo* (Jr)

Larance Hale (Jr)

Seth Adams (R-Fr)


Who We Added:

Larry Carroll (Jr)

David Dorsett (Fr)

Jack Dillard (Fr)

Nick Purcell (Fr)


What We Know:

For the 2nd year in a row both DE need to be replaced. Corbin Carr and Koby Couron both got plenty of valuable snaps last season and the former HS teammates look to build upon that. Larance Hale is eligible after having to sit out last season to satisfy NCAA transfer rules. Omar Tebo has become a man in the middle and has started 16 of the 24 games he's been a part of the program.


What To Watch For:

Dorsett comes in with the size ready to play now and may be needed to provide depth. NT spot should be plenty deep with Tebo, Frost, and Seth Adams, who's coming off of a RS season then add in Carroll coming from Kilgore JC.


What To Expect:

Should have a pretty good starting end combo and Hale could surprise people and challenge for a starting position. He was actually the 2nd overall pick in the Spring Game draft so that shows he's impressed some of the staff. Tebo should be Tebo and I expect him to emerge as a top DT in the league. He may not put up the numbers that some others might but he's a space eater that gets penetration up the middle.


My Week 1 Prediction:


1 - Carr

2 - Hollyfield


1 - Tebo

2 - Frost


1 - Couron

2 - Hale





Wide Receivers

Tight Ends

Offensive Line

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It is a good sign that we have depth along the D-line. A second year in the system should help a lot. We have size in the middle and real potential at the end position. 3-4 DE's aren't all JJ Watt. They are supposed to be space eaters so the linebackers can make plays. Now, I won't complain if a JJ Watt like player emerges but I'll settle for a line that can stop the run and help pressure the passer.
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One thing that might cause me concern would be the size of the DEs. If the roster is correct (which I have my doubts). Carr is listed at 6'3" 245 and Couron at 6'3" 250. That more resembles a 4-3 DE size than the 3-4 DE. That's another reason I think Hale is a dark horse for a starting job...he's listed at 6'3" 280
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Carroll's Hudl has him listed at 6'3" 300 lbs...Kilgore's 2014 roster had him at 6'2" 275 lbs. His Twitter cover photo is LU and his location is listed as Kilgore College to Lamar.


Jack Dillard has Lamar Football and C/O 19 in his Twitter Bio.


I have not seen Nick Purcell's Twitter but I've seen his dad post pro-Lamar stuff recently including a picture of the schedule poster and the uniform release.


I think they will be a part of the program but I am curious as to why the roster doesn't have some people listed. I know if guys who are going through camp and not listed.

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Larry Carroll has been added to the online roster. He's listed as 6'2" and 315 Lbs. His Hudl account has him playing DE at Lamar. He would definitely add size to the defensive line, especially lined up with Tebo.


William Wowkanyn is also on the roster now. He's listed at 6'3" and 280 lbs. More size at the DE position.

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Another player who is expected to have a significant impact is an individual who is not new to the team, but he also didn't letter last season either. Redshirt freshman Larance Hale impressed the coaching staff last season during practices, and has added nearly 30 pounds of muscle during the offseason. The Tatum, Texas, native will also be fighting for time as a starter this season as well.


"We have so many guys who bring a different skill set to the table that we have the chance to be pretty good this season," said Bailey. "Obviously, a lot plays into staying healthy, continuing to work hard every day but when we play together as a unit it is pretty fun to watch."


"Preseason camp has been fun to see the impact the new guys have had so far," added Tebo. "The depth that we are going to have this season is impressive. Each one of these guys brings something different to the table – size and speed, quickness and strength, great pass rushing ability – we will have the ability to do many different things on the field."



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