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Congratulation Cade Harrington Player of the Year in FCS Football


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I started this thread and I don't want to take anything away from the award, but this is a different award than the STATS POY that was presented in Frisco. Kade finished as runner up to a receiver from Eastern Washington Univ. in the STATS POY award. While I read the statistics for the receiver and they were outstanding, I think he had a lot more help than Kade did. Eastern Wash. had a winning season and their quarterback last year graduated and transferred to Oregon this year and was the starter for most of the year, except while out with an injury. EWU was in the FCS playoffs for the 2014 season, so I would expect that as a team they and their players would get more respect than Lamar.
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Correct different award...the ASN award was the fan vote award the Kade ran away with that was announce about a month ago. They were waiting on having the basketball game broadcast on their network to make the presentation.


While I'm partial and feel like Kade had the most impressive season in the FCS this year, Cooper Kupp had a fantastic season as well...114 catches for 1,600+ yards and 19 TDs is...I can't fault votes for giving it to him...was a close vote though.

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