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MBB at Central Arkansas


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At the under twelve minute time out game is tied at 17. Cards have payed decent defense except against the three point shot as 15 of UCA's 17 are from three point land as the Bears are 5-7 on three point attempts. Unruh is 3-5 attempts. Edited by geezer
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Cards closed the gap and actually took a lead before falling behind again and loosing by seven. Final UCA 76 - LU 68. UCA out rebounded the Cards in the second half and After a perfect 4-4 from the free throw line in the first half the Cards make 15 of 23 in the second half including missing at least one when LU had the lead and could have extended the lead. Cards got solid play from Barrett again as he scored 16 with 9 rebounds. Probably should have spotted this a long time ago but Nzeakor doesn't really have good hands represented by his continued number of turnovers with five this game. I think he had four last game. Also notice he doesn't seem to control rebounds as too many times he fails to come down with the fifty fifty rebounds. Edited by geezer
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