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Lamar Basketball versus HBU Jan 11th Menw away - Women @ home


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At the 7:58 media time out LU is up 38-29. Sullivan is already in double figures and has five rebounds. As a team the Cards have 3 turnovers so far and are shooting over 75% from the field. Yeah Nickerson and Morrison have both played but each picked up two quick fouls.
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At the half Lamar is up by thirteen 58-45. Lamar shoots 75% for the first half including 5 of 7 three point attempts. The big negative is nine turnovers, however HBU has eight turnovers so except where the score could be the turnovers haven't hurt that badly. Cards have one more rebound than HBU but has no offensive rebounds. Individually Sullivan and Buster each have 15 points followed by Holmes with 11and Kopp with 8. Edited by geezer
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The Cards are still turning the ball over too often.


Agree, last 4 minutes of the half was pretty sloppy for Lamar. Good thing is HBU was just as bad.

HBU is playing like a high school team tonight in a place that is like your average jr. high gym! SLC needs to get HBU to improve their facilities or get out of the conference.

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