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SLC Officially Announces Cancelation of Spring Sports


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The SLC announced today that after a meeting this morning with the Board of Presidents, that all Spring sports competitions have been cancelled.

Even though local tv stations reported this Friday, it wasn’t really decided until today (fake news?).

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I hope this is in some kind of agreement with the NCAA and gives all spring sport players some sort of redshirt for those that want it.

The NCAA has stated they are going to do something in regards to Spring sport athletes, but has not decided what.

As far as Winter sport athletes, basketball & indoor track&field, I expect that those students will get nothing except screwed out of competing for a championship. This would be a consistent move by the NCAA.

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No one knows how long this virus will last but why not make a tentative plan to have the spring sports over the summer. The main group it would impact would be summer baseball leagues as a lot of college ball players go play somewhere during the summer. That would also solve the NCAA question on whether to consider an additional year of eligibility. You only need about two and a half months. You could put in some kind of temporary rule that participants had to get a grade for their spring semester class.
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