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Cardinals Set for Showdown with Rivals


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You are close, looked it up and Kopp was shooting 20% before today's 0-9 performance. I know you let shooters shoot even when they are in a slump but the guys sitting on the bench might start producing with some more playing time.


He shot a little over 16% last year, but I attributed it to being a freshman and having to adjust to the speed of the college game. Thought he would have break out year this year, but apparently not. Have noticed he misses short on most of his 3 pointers.

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Will admit to not knowing the rules, but is the high school boys three point arc the same as the college or is it the same as the women's three point line? If so maybe between the extra foot or so and then stepping back a little farther to be open he really is outside his range compared to what he shot in high school. I noticed he always seems to be leaning into his shot last year and I too blamed it on his preseason injury and being a freshman. But as I watch him this year he is still doing the same things and he doesn't appear to have the quickness to create his shot inside the three point line either. I think their are better overall players on the bench that aren't getting the playing time because Price doesn't see Kopp's problems.
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The reason for Kopp and his dismal, almost comical, .179 3pt% is easily explained. His brother is living rent free in his head. Hitting over 45%. 3 pointers at Northwestern.


basket must look like a thimble


To be fair to Kopp, he put away the game with his FT's at the end of the game.

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