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Winning Baseball


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Looking back on yet another disappointing baseball season I ask "What does it take to win at Lamar?" I don't know but I know who to ask.


Gilligan 1353-894-7 (60%)

EVERYONE ELSE 302-422-3 (41.5%)


If you subtract the first year of David Perkins and Will Davis (mostly Gilligan's players) then


EVERYONE ELSE 228-378-3 (37.5%)

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My opinion is compare Gilligan's record during his first stint at Lamar with his second stint, before saying to ask Gilligan. My opinion is find the best players not necessarily from the local area. Gilligan's first stint used a lot of out of state players and prior to the 1980's few universities in the north had indoor practice facilities. Even in the "Power 5" conferences of today, only a few schools had indoor facilities. Also many northern schools would spend the first five to six weeks of the season traveling to warm weather states to play ball. That has changed and what used to be easy recruiting for top talent from the north is now much harder. With the change in conferences next spring, what determines a successful season may change also. It will be interesting to see how the former SLC schools do. To me the pitching depth was the biggest issue this past season, but that is hard to claim as Lamar's team ERA was among the conference leaders and the same with team batting average.
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