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What has happened to LU athletics?

eagle eye

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Is Marco Born happy with mediocrity? Gotta wonder because that seems to be what we are getting from the Big 3 (basketball - men's and women's, baseball and football.) The Golden Triangle could use a boost from at least one of the Big 3 having success. It's too late for football until next fall and men's basketball is already in the dumpster with its 2-12 record. We need a better showing in baseball too. All the coaching staffs are on Born and the results are on him too. Thoughts?
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Heck, I would be happy with mediocre at this point! Football is terrible and MBB is worse than that. WBB is competitive and winning around half their games. They appear to be moving forward. We can only wonder about baseball this season, based on last year. I do not believe Marco cares about LU other than to use it as a stepping stone for his next job. That is fine, if you get our program headed in the right direction. This is not the case. I have noticed a lot of people in the support staff leaving. I am wondering if his claim to fame at LU is how he trimmed the budget. This is the worst (head and shoulders) I have seen LU athletic department in the last 40 years.
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