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March 31st Weekend Softball and Baseball


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And while im on a roll. The cost to attend a baseball game is fricking nuts!

last minute decide to go to Rice game. 13 bucks a head. Yes, cheaper if ida bought online early. By the time i bought 2 tix, a dr pepper, some pnuts and 2.00 nachos, i was out 40 bucks.


talked to my kid who was at game in Lafayette. 2 tix, 2 boudain, 2 beers and pnuts 22.00.


cmon man

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So far in the Nicholls ninth, first batter flied out, second batter singled, third batter hit a home run, fourth batter singled and fifth batter singled. Cards up 9-6 with the tying run coming to the plate and making a pitching change.
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