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U-19 World Football Championships

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I wonder if there are any of the Cardinal staff attending these games? There are some good talent that are playing in these games. I think there some players from Samoa which would add some speed offensively and defensively. Austria and Japan have some good linemen too.

Team USA plays Austria tonight at 8 here in Austin. If they win they play in the gold medal game Saturday at 8:00. The games continue Friday evening.

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USA will play Canada for the gold Saturday here in Austin. USA destroyed Austria 70-7; Canada beat Japan 32-24 in the other semi. The 5th and 7th place games are tomorrow. The Samoa/France game should be a pretty good game (Samoa will win IMHO - could have beaten USA). Sweden and Panama play the 7th place game. The first team which scores will be the first score for either team in this tournament (Prediction: Sweden; Panama is not well schooled yet)
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Guest CardAmbassador
I'm surprised there are teams in this, I've always been under the impression that the USA was practically the only country to play our brand of football. It would be interesting to see though.
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Some of these teams need some time to get up to speed. Samoa, Canada and Japan are pretty good. Samoa plays a physical style - good size, speed and have some good runners; Japan has surprising quickness especially on the line; Canada is almost the mirror image of the US, except the Americans have better speed on the line and the skill positions. France is a step below the US, Canada and Samoa.

You can watch the games online live: u19championship.com


Friday: Sweden vs Panama 5pm

Samoa vs France 8pm


Saturday: Bronze Medal game - Japan vs Austria 5pm

Gold Medal game - USA vs Canada 8pm


If you are in Austin this weekend the games are at Burger Center in southwest Austin aka Sunset Valley

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Final Results:

Bronze Medal Game

Japan 7 Austria 0

Gold Medal Game

Canada 24 USA 17

Canada gets revenge for the 41-3 Gold Medal Game loss in Canton, OH in 2008. Canada played smart and capitalized on USA turnovers and mistakes. USA did not do as well on the Canadian turnovers.

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